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Cabin in the Winter

The Best Apps for Beating Cabin Fever

Right around this time of year many people start to feel the walls closing in on them. If you are suffering from a case of cabin fever, we have the cure. These are the best apps for beating it.

Rent a Winning Movie

Movies are a great form of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Thanks to our mobile devices, we no longer have to brave the cold and head out to the local video rental store. So, find your escape from the chill of winter by watching some hot flicks.

Amazon Prime Video

Stream and download popular movies and TV shows

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Options

For movie lovers; especially those with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video has hundreds of thousands of movies, TV shows and original content available to stream or download. The helpful Watchlist feature makes it easy for you to add videos for later viewing. Auto Play is another useful feature that allows you to start watching the next episode of your favorite show automatically, which is perfect for binge watching! The service is compatible with your Apple TV and is included in your Amazon Prime subscription.

Why we love it

A vast expanse of movies and TV shows included with your Amazon Prime subscription. What could be better?

Vudu - Movies & TV

Watch movies and TV whenever and wherever you want

Vudu - Movies & TV

Vudu Main Screen and Rentals

For those who love the convenience of renting a movie without leaving the house

Get the free VUDU app and instantly watch movies and TV wherever and whenever you want. No subscriptions, no late fees, and nothing to return. Watch the newest releases weeks before DVD, Netflix, and Redbox. With Movies On Us, you can watch thousands of titles for free with limited commercials. Stream you favorite titles to your iOS mobile or Apple TV devices in HDX with Airplay. Download movies and TV to your phone or tablet to watch offline and on the go.

Why we love it

With a library of 100,000 titles, you're sure to find the right show to suit what you're in the mood for.

Play a Fun Board Game

Time flies when you're having fun, right? Then gather up the family for some healthy competition with these awesome board games everyone will love.

Curl Up with a Good Book

Does curling up under a blanket with a good book sound like a terrific way to pass the time? Then grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and check out these apps. There's no need to brave the elements to run to the library when you have access to millions of books right in your home.


Find all the stories to keep you hooked


For those who interested in finding a great read

Wattpad is a growing community that allows you to connect directly with writers and other readers and discuss the latest plot twists by leaving comments alongside the latest stories. React in real time as new chapters are added, share your favorite lines or create beautiful visual quotes. Always wanted to be an author? Publish your book on Wattpad and share it with their supportive community. Create a new draft, add chapters to an existing story or add a cover, all from the app. You can even get creative with one of our monthly writing challenges. When inspiration strikes, you’ll have Wattpad right in your pocket.

Why we love it

Discover amazing stories from authors around the world. Adventure awaits!


Access over 2 million free books, right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch


MegaReader Main Screen

For readers with an insatiable appetite for free books

MegaReader makes it easy to download and read free e-books from many sources. MegaReader also offers an extremely customizable reading experience. Users can set actions for tapping in multiple areas on the page, change the margins, line spacing, colors, font size and style. They even have a “heads up display” to help users who read while they walk. The app integrates catalogs from so many differnt sources, including Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Baen Books, Smashwords, and Internet Archive. Users can add their own catalogs as well by downloading EPUBs from the Calibre app.

Why we love it

With access to more than 2 million books, MegaReader is definitely worth the price.


When you just need the basics


iBooks main

For anyone who prefers Apple's own solutions for apps.

iBooks is Apple’s e-bookstore, and as such offers some impressive features. It is also one of the only apps that still supports purchasing a new e-book from within the app using your iTunes account so you can begin reading it immediately. The interface is well-designed and easy to use, with options for font size and style, searching, bookmarking, highlights, notes, themes, an in-app dictionary, brightness controls, and the app syncs your purchased books with every device using your Apple ID (although they can only be read on your iPhone or iPad). iBooks also reads books without DRM in ePub and PDF format.

Why we love it

iBooks is free and easy to obtain. It does the basics for ebooks and PDF viewing.

Start a Do-It-Yourself Project

It's been said that busy hands are happy hands. Keep busy and productive at the same time with enjoyable do-it-yourself projects using these apps.

Handy Tools for DIY PRO
Handy Tools for DIY PRO

Handy Tools for DIY PRO


Homeowners should be always prepared for minor adjustments and home repairs.
What better way to be prepared than to have the 5 essential tools in your iPhone?

Handyman Tools 5 in 1 is your digital toolkit with equipment to hang framed pictures, install some shelves etc.

This unique set contains 5 must-have tools for every Constructor, DIYer or Homeowner:
1. Plumb Bob - the easiest way to verify the verticality of lines or walls
2. Surface Level - essential tool to level any flat surface
3. Bubble Level Bar - precise slope finding tool
4. Protractor - handy when measuring angles from 0 to 180 degrees.
5. Ruler - reference scale supporting both inches and centimetres.

Handle nearly any adjustment or repair job in you house with Handyman Tools!

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DIY Home Projects Ideas
DIY Home Projects Ideas

DIY Home Projects Ideas

Cristina Gheorghisan

DIY Home Projects is an amazing collection of do it yourself articles. Have fun while browsing a fine collection of categories and tags and choose your favorites. Register yourself in order to save articles for exploring later on or get creative and DIY, or simply enjoy them on the web. The limit is just your imagination!

It's all about handmade : get creative and do it yourself! The tutorials will inspire you and moreover each time a new how to guide article is published, you'll get a notification. It is that easy to stay in touch!

- Step by step tutorials
- Categories and tags
- Most popular DIY articles
- Save your favorite colors
- Modern Material Design UI & Vibrant colors
- Random articles
- Search through our database!
- Share articles with your friends
- Create your own profile and receive newest articles notifications!
- Send your own DIY article idea so we can add it into the app!

Why DIY Home Projects? Through the years we have browsed a lot of do it yourself blogs, and loved so many tutorial posts, but it was hard remembering all of them. Also, new how to guides appeared every day and we couldn't keep up.
So we thought we should make a tutorials database. Why not? We are not the first and we surely will not be the last to document such do it yourself projects.

Even if you just use it to clear your mind at work, or don't have a gift idea, or have an item you love and don't want to throw away, or you want to design a room with low budget, DIY Home Projects is a great playground. You can never get bored.

Now, enough "about", let's play!

You can also find us online at

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Plan Your Getaway

When all else fails, rid yourself of the winter blues by going someplace warm. These apps will help you plan that perfect getaway.

Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars

Find flights, compare fares, and get alerts for price changes.

Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars

Enter your criteria

For those interested in a flight comparison app that offers price change alerts.

With Skyscanner, searching for and comparing flights is super simple. Enter your dates and preferences and then review the results quickly. You can sort options by price, rating, and duration as well as filter by stops, airlines, and airports. Setting up alerts for when prices change on the route you have chosen is easy and you can also enable the “no non-stop flights available” option.

Why we love it

Skyscanner provides results for your search with prices, airlines, and all of the details you need to plan your flight. The app has a clean interface, helpful alerts, and sharing ability.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Let this handy app search the travel sites for you.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars


For those who like travel apps that include hotels, flights, and rental cars.

Kayak does all the searching for your next trip with an easy-to-use interface. Find the best accommodations, flight options, and rental cars, and then book it all through Kayak. You can also take advantage of the trip-organizing section, real-time flight status alerts, and rates for mobile users only.

Why we love it

Searching for your trip options does not have to be a struggle. Kayak searches tons of travel sites to find you the best deals on hotels, flights, and car rentals.

TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants

When you need recommendations for your trip, there's no better app

TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants

Your own advisor

For anyone who wants great recommendations while on their trip

TripAdvisor is a comprehensive all-in-one travel companion. With TripAdvisor, you can get maps for any location, as well as detailed reviews of hotels and restaurants from other travelers. If you're the type to share your experience and want to help others, you can also leave your own reviews too. TripAdvisor is also a great way to book a flight and room when you need it, and you can even find deals that you won't find elsewhere, right from the app. While you're in town, you can get tips and recommendations on where to eat, what to do, and what to see. When you have TripAdvisor at your fingertips, it's hard to get lost.

Why we love it

TripAdvisor is a powerful app that makes it easy to find great recommendations and deals. It's a must for anyone who plans to travel.