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Calendar iPhone

Mark the Date with These Awesome Calendar Apps

What do you look for in a calendar app? Do you prefer a visual experience? Would you like a tool specifically for work or sharing? These awesome iOS apps help you stay on schedule in a variety of ways.

Full Featured Calendars

Multipurpose calendar apps come with great extra features. Manage your schedule, take care of tasks, receive reminders, and more.

Google Calendar: Get Organized

Never miss a date again with Google Calendar

Google Calendar: Get Organized

Get back to today

For Google Calendar users who need to keep track of everything on the go

The official Google Calendar app lets you view your important calendars quickly in month, week, day, and schedule views. You can pull in events from Gmail, use reminders to go along with your events, add personal goals, create new events on the fly and even work with other calendars on your phone, like Exchange and iCloud.

Why we love it

When it comes to the calendar app you'll use every day on my iPhone, the native iOS Google Calendar, straight from the Google mothership, is the best calendar app out there. It looks and works the same way Google Calendar works on the web, and that’s the way we like it. No messing with sync or permissions: Google Calendar for iPhone is just that: Google Calendar on your iPhone.

Timepage by Moleskine Studio

Digitally plan your days with Moleskine

Timepage by Moleskine Studio

Heat maps of your schedule

For those who like a classy and timeless look for their digital planners.

Moleskine Timepage is a feature-rich scheduling solution from the company who brought you the cult-classic analog notebooks and planners. In Timepage, users get a classic agenda-style interface of their calendar (fetched from the native Calendar, or you can sync with Google or Outlook) with the list view on the main screen. A swipe from the left takes you to the monthly views, where you get heat maps of how busy a day is so you can plan accordingly from a glance. Tapping on a day shows you all of the day's events in a list, and you can even get a quick overview of the weather or an hourly forecast. Selecting events reveals more details like a map, how long it will take you to get there via various modes of transportation, who else is attending, any notes, and more.

Why we love it

Timepage also makes use of natural language input for creating new events so you don't have to fiddle around with annoying text boxes, and everything about the appearance can be customized to your liking, including the colors. We love Moleskine Timepage because it has a super tasteful design that is not obnoxious or cluttered, and the colors really compliment the aesthetics well. It's easy to see how your schedule is going to be from a glance, and the extra bits of data that you get from viewing events is a great touch.

BusyCal: Calendar & Tasks

When life is busy, you want a powerful calendar that can keep up

BusyCal: Calendar & Tasks

List and day

For anyone who needs a fully-featured calendar app for their busy schedule.

BusyCal ($4.99) by BusyCal LLC is a calendar app that is designed for those with a busy schedule to tend to on a daily basis. If you live a hectic life and want a calendar app that can keep up with you, then it could be worth your time to check out BusyCal, now on the iPhone and iPad. Ever since I started using a smartphone and laptop, I’ve had to keep a digital calendar with me at all times in order to remember where I need to go and what I have planned every day, because otherwise, I’d pretty much forget everything. I was always terrible with paper calendars in the past, and still am, so digital calendars are a complete lifesaver for me. A long time ago, before [Fantastical]( was ever around, I was a faithful user of BusyCal on my Mac. However, I must admit that I’ve been using Fantastical since it was first introduced on the Mac and iOS platforms a few years ago, and stopped using BusyCal altogether. But since I saw BusyCal pop up on the App Store recently, I was intrigued to give it a try for myself. While it won’t be replacing [Fantastical 2 on my iPhone]( as a daily driver calendar app, it’s a solid choice for those who aren’t satisfied with other solutions. In terms of visuals, BusyCal looks fairly minimal and barebones when compared to the competition, such as Fantastical and [Calendars 5 from Readdle]( The app features a lot of white and gray, with events in colored blocks that go along with what you have already set in your calendar account. Even if you have a busy schedule, the app still has a lot of whitespace that could have been better utilized, since it seems like wasted space at times right now. In fact, if someone didn’t ever use the native iOS calendar, they may mistake this for Apple’s own app, because it’s pretty utilitarian. However, despite the less-than-appealing aesthetics, BusyCal features tabs at the bottom that let you easily switch to different calendar views with just a tap, and it’s fast to do so, too. BusyCal won’t be winning in the looks department compared to Fantastical, but it does well in the features department. Unlike many of the existing calendar apps that were on the market, BusyCal does not fetch data from the native iOS calendar. This means that even if you have your calendar info on the phone, BusyCal won’t read it. You’ll have to add your calendar account into BusyCal itself for it to sync with whatever service you use. At the moment, BusyCal works with iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange, Fruux, Yahoo!, CalDAV (if you use BusyCal on Mac, for example), and WebDAV. Though I do not use an Exchange calendar, I know that it’s a popular service for businesses, and it’s hard to find proper support for it. Fortunately, BusyCal has you Exchange users covered. Once you’re logged in to all of your necessary accounts (the app supports an unlimited number of accounts and calendars), you can toggle what calendars you want to see in the app from the Settings menu, which is great for those who use separate calendars for different events. Each one is color coded based on your account settings, so it should be easy to tell each event block apart. With BusyCal, users get easy access to four different calendar views from the bottom tab bar: List, Day, Week, and Month. There is also a separate To Do view if you keep tasks and reminders in your calendar service. The List view is a condensed agenda of all of your upcoming events organized by day — if you want the most information in one place, then the List view is your main go-to view. It even includes the high and low temperature for the day, so you can prepare for your appointments with one glance. The Day view displays a timeline for the day and all of your events are shown as blocks on the timeline, with a separate section up top for All-Day things. A sharp blue bar at the top tells you what day you’re looking at, as well as the high and low temperatures. Week view is similar to the Day glance, except you get to view multiple days at a time and can scroll horizontally to check days in advance. Unfortunately, the Week view won’t show weather data. The Month option lets you see the entire month in one fell swoop, and while it may not include weather data, you can see the moon phases on the month, which is something. I found the Month view to be a bit cramped in portrait mode, even on my iPhone 6s Plus, so I recommend using landscape mode for this view, or any of the other ones if needed. Unfortunately, there is no way to switch between views in landscape mode or access settings, which is a bit annoying. As you’re in portrait mode and want to return to today, just tap on the button in the bottom left corner. BusyCal also has a search functionality, so you can look up any event, past or future, through keywords. While it seems to search for the keywords through any field of text for an event, you can’t filter it out like with Fantastical, which may be annoying. When you create new events or reminders in BusyCal, there are two ways to do so. You can go with the traditional, old-school route with inputting the event details into separate fields, or you can toggle Natural Language Input in the app settings. To add a new event or to-do item (even timed ones), just tap on the plus button in the upper right corner. What I noticed about the natural language input method is that the typing lags behind somewhat, as the letters were struggling to catch up as I was typing in my event. Plus, there is no autocorrect and automatic keyboard switching when trying to go from the numerals back to the alphabetic keyboard, which got super tedious after a few moments — my sentence was riddled with errors. Hopefully the natural language input gets optimized in the future, but right now it’s pretty frustrating to use compared to the competition. Overall, I was a bit surprised that BusyCal finally landed on iOS, but it won’t be replacing Fantastical 2 for me anytime soon as my daily driver. There seems to be quite a bit of wasted whitespace throughout the app, and the natural language input falls short here. I also wish that there was an option to just fetch my iOS calendar data instead of having me input my Google Calendar credentials again. However, the app does have some good benefits, such as fast ways to switch to different views, full and reliable support for Exchange accounts, and giving you basic weather info so you can prepare for the day ahead. I think BusyCal is a good option to consider if you haven’t been satisfied with other options, like [Fantastical 2]( or [Readdle’s Calendars 5]( You can find [BusyCal on the App Store as a universal download for $4.99]( [BusyCal 3 for Mac is available online for $49.99](

Why we love it

BusyCal has been a great calendar option on the Mac, and now it is finally available on iOS. It's fast and easy to use, though it's not the prettiest thing to look at.

Try Something Unique

If you enjoy visual apps that let you view your calendar and events in a fun way, these awesome options are not only attractive but useful.

Peek Calendar - Simple & Minimalist Cal

Peek Calendar - Simple & Minimalist Cal

Square Mountains

Peek Calendar Main Screen

For those who want a simple yet attractive calendar to view events at a glance.

Peek Calendar is a fun and simple app that lets you easily view your events at a glance. Expand a day or the week, tap and hold to add an event, and adjust the times with quick gestures. The app includes great customization features for syncing, color themes, vibration, and sounds.

Why we love it

If you want an app that lets you control it with simple gestures, has an intuitive interface, and takes the work out of calendar management, Peek Calendar is a terrific option.

Vantage Calendar

Vantage Calendar

Fortyfour AB

New perspective on the events

For those interested in a different view of their calendar and events.

Vantage Calendar offers a distinctive view of your events. Review your weekly schedule quickly, open an hourly summary for those busy days, and pop up the mini month option for a fast overview. The app is attractive, useful, and an enjoyable tool for visual people.

Why we love it

If you love well-designed visual calendar apps that still offer the basic features you need, check out Vantage Calendar.

JotTheDate-Draw your Calendar.

Add some style to your calendar with an app that lets you draw your events.

JotTheDate-Draw your Calendar.

See your events easily

For users looking for an old-fashioned way to keep track of events.

JotTheDate is a unique way to view your appointments, meetings, and occasions. Whether you draw a smiley face or spell out the word “lunch,” this calendar app makes creating events fun. Each event includes the basic features you need and the calendar is easy to use.

Why we love it

For something different in a calendar app, JotTheDate lets you scribble, write, or draw with your finger. You can see your events clearly and the app can make scheduling appointments an enjoyable experience. So, if you want to add a little pizzazz to your events, check out JotTheDate.

Share Your Calendar

When you want to share your schedule with friends, family, or coworkers, try an cool calendar app designed just for it.

TimeTree: Shared Calendar

TimeTree: Shared Calendar

TimeTree, Inc.

TimeTree Shared Calendar

For those who want everyone’s schedules on one calendar.

TimeFree allows you to create separate shared calendars for the different roles you have - personal, family, couple, work, even clubs and hobbies. Notifications are delivered automatically to everyone in the group when someone creates or changes an appointment, or sends a message in the app - no need to send direct messages to everyone, or to a group chat only to have people not see it. TimeFree supports import from Google Calendar, so you can use TimeTree immediately. You can also view others’ Google Calendars if you have access. You can use your desktop at work or school and mobile on-the-go.

Why we love it

TimeTree helps you clear up miscommunication and find compromise by sharing information about events with the people in your shared calendar.

Doodle: Easy Scheduling

Take the pain out of figuring out when everyone is available.

Doodle: Easy Scheduling

Create polls on the go

For anyone trying to get a group of people in the same place at the same time.

Getting multiple people to meet in the same place at the same time can be tough. When you have a group of individuals – whether students or coworkers – who all have varying schedules, it can get even harder. Doodle allows you to easily send a poll to anyone asking them to indicate whether they are available or busy for set time slots, and the best part is that an account is not required for filling out polls. Doodle also offers some advanced features. For starters, you can allow users to select "if need be" times, that way you can make sure everyone is free and that it's convenient for most. Polls can optionally be set as private, so only administrators can view responses, and they can also be used as sign-up systems for events by only allowing users to choose a select amount of options, or to have a maximum number of attendees per time slot. While Doodle has been known to be web-based, the iOS app in particular allows users to create, modify, and respond to polls on the go. The best part is being able to receive notifications for when participants respond. This makes it a must-have for any Doodle user.

Why we love it

Doodle is the easiest way to find out when everyone's available, and also offers the best iOS solution for this that we've found. Being able to keep up with polls in a desktop web browser, along with in the mobile app with push notifications, makes it easy to use while balancing a busy lifestyle.

Allcal - Your Club and Events

Allcal - Your Club and Events

All Calendars, LLC

Allcal Calendar

For those looking to create interactive real-time calendars.

Allcal lets you create interactive, real-time calendars for your baseball team, nonprofit, book club, and group of friends. You can even share a public calendar of events instantly by creating a public calendar for your business, venue, or school club. Planners can create events of their own with cover photos and real-time updates, or search our public calendars to find fun events to share. The shared calendars make planning easy, keep everybody updated, and even send pop-up notifications of a new event or last-minute change.

Why we love it

It's easy to make plans quickly by searching public calendars for fun events nearby, then adding them directly on your shared calendar.

Check Your Next Work Shift

When it comes to managing your work shifts, an ordinary calendar doesn’t give you the features you really need. These handy calendar apps are created especially for shift workers.

ShiftLife Organizer

ShiftLife Organizer

OvalKey Ltd.


ShiftLife Organizer is the calendar application designed specifically for shift workers.

- Organize your Shifts.
- Record your Hours.
- Calculate your Pay.

ShiftLife provides a clear and easy display of upcoming shifts, training days, holiday, on-call days and other important events.

As well as allowing you to plan your future work & play, ShiftLife also allows you to easily maintain a record of your completed shifts, overtime hours, working locations, hourly pay, total pay, sick days and other details.

ShiftLife has a simple easy to use interface for quick intuitive operation and functionality designed specifically for easy use. This will quickly become one of your indispensable Apps.


* Apple Watch

* Notification Center Widget

* iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro.

* iCloud, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, iCal Sync.

* Fast Shift Entry. A whole year of shifts can be done in seconds.

* Add, delete, edit calendars.

* Flexibility to handle any wok pattern.

* Bluetooth sync calendars & shift patterns with your work colleagues & friends.

* Pictures for calendar months display.

* Import your own images from your photos.

* Custom events, sick days, holidays, training days.

* Multiple daily events & shifts.

* List, Day, Week, Month & Year Views.

* Friendly user interface with intuitive touch gestures .

* Holiday & Sport Calendars.

* Export/import your events & shifts using .ics files.

* Create image of month view to use as your phones wallpaper.

* Send a picture of your calendar to your friends

* Set any day as the start of your work week.

* Personalise your display.

* Send Email of your shifts.

* iCloud calendar support for automatic syncing between your devices.

* Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish.



To allow our users to further customise their app to meet their specific needs and interests, there is also a separate Add-on available called the ‘Calendar Store’ provided by SchedJoules. It contains a large selection of great holiday, sport fixtures, weather & lifestyle calendars. These calendars can be set up so they are displayed alongside your other personal calendar events. You can purchase access to the ’Calendar Store’ Add-on for 1 year with a yearly auto-renewable subscription. You get full and ongoing access to the ‘Calendar Store’, including live updates. The 1 year subscription to the ‘Calendar Store’ Add-on starts at $1.99 (Prices may vary by location) and begins with a one-month free trial, so you can try before you buy. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase after the 1 month free trial. Subscriptions to the Add-on automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Cancellation of the current active subscription period is not allowed. You can manage your subscription and turn off the auto-renew for the 'Calendar Store' Add-on at any time from your iTunes Account Settings. Full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy are available at and respectively.

more info
Shift Work Calendar
Shift Work Calendar

Shift Work Calendar

Ebisu Soft Inc.

2010 iTunes Rewind No.1 Lifestyle category application in Japan (Top Sales)!!

There are many people working at the retail trade and the hospital, etc. by the shift work.
Isn't it convenient to be able to confirm the schedule of your work with iPhone easily quickly?

※If you already have purchased paid version, please redownload it in App Store - Updates - Purchased.

This is a useful calendar for such people.

It is possible to confirm it by the calendar by easily registering your shift.

Moreover, You can save this calendar as an image, and set it as a wallpaper of the idle screen of iPhone.

- Create amount of shift types
- Easy shifts input
- Notes for any date on calendar with Emoji Icon.
- Save a calendar as an image.
- Send your shifts to others via E-mail.

Premium Plan
・iOS Calendar Sync
Your shifts are imported to iOS calendar.

・Google Calendar Sync
You can upload your shift schedule to Google Calendar.

・Shift Table
You can input and view other person's shift too.

Quickly check schedule and shifts with widget
Just swipe to the left in the home screen and you can easily check.

Auto-renewable subscriptions
You can choose the period of use from 1 month, 6 months, 1 year. The longer the period, the better the price!

It will be automatically continued when the use period expires.

To terminate automatic subscription, please carry out cancellation processing from the setting application.

Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase

Terms of use

more info

Celebrate Special Dates

Keep those important dates close at hand with calendar apps built for birthdays and holidays.

Birthday Boss

Birthday Boss

Christopher King

Have you ever forgotten someone special's birthday? Do you remember that rush of panic when you realize that today is your anniversary and you don't have any present or plans? And what about those times when you should have made that call to comfort a loved one on the anniversary of someone's passing? With Birthday Boss it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

* Keep all of your important birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, and other annual events in one place, and see what’s coming up next in a simple scrolling list or traditional calendar-style display.

* Import events quickly from your address-book contacts or add events manually for people who are not in your contacts; all you need is a name, month, and day.

* Group your items using the built-in ‘Family’, ‘Friends’, and ‘Work’ groupings or create your own custom groups.

* Get pop-up reminders on the day of each event and add additional advance notifications as needed.

* Add yearly history logs for events to help with advance planning or recording previous gifts and activities.

* See how old someone will be on their birthday or what anniversary it is, with configurable milestones to highlight those extra-special times.

* Easily share event details with standard sharing tools for email, text, print, and more.

* Send a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ email or text message directly from within the app.

* Find items quickly with search or use the assigned groups to filter what items are shown.

* Add the Birthday Boss widget to your Today screen for automatic daily event updates.

And iCloud Sync keeps your information up-to-date across all of your devices automatically!

Birthday Boss makes staying on top of all of those birthdays, anniversaries, and deaths a breeze. One app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Holiday Today Calendar 2023

Holiday Today Calendar 2023

Piotr Pluta

• Your ultimate national holidays calendar. Contains countless holidays and its descriptions, both official, but also those less official and more fun, like "Leave the Office Early Day" •

• Looking for a great conversation starter? Just begin with "Did you know that today is 'Garfield the Cat Day'?", and the conversation will flow naturally from there. •

• Don't know what to cook tonight? We have many food and culinary celebrations, a great inspiration for food lovers. •

• Have you ever wondered what interesting and unusual holiday is today? Perhaps you have read that it's Donut Day or National Running Day? Now you can give yourself a reason to celebrate and impress your friends with full collection of these fun, unusual celebrations and unique holidays! •

• Discover over 2000 events and their descriptions
• Add events to your device calendar to remind yourself of upcoming holidays
• Find all holidays using your device Search function
• Share events by social media, email or messages
• Add widget that shows daily holidays

Holiday Today is the most comprehensive (and best looking) collection of events and holidays you can have on your device.
Check what day is today and remember - everyday is a holiday!

More events will come in further updates!

Follow us on Twitter: @holidaytodayall


"From “Barbie-in-a-Blender Day” to “Moldy Cheese Day,” Holiday Today puts a near-endless list of mostly random holidays and observances at your fingertips so you can choose if there’s something worth celebrating."
(AppCraver review)


Birthday Calendar Elite

Birthday Calendar Elite

FunPokes Inc.

Birthday Calendar Elite is the easiest and most effective way to get birthday reminders so that you never forget another Birthday ever again.

Be an awesome friend, get Birthday Calendar Elite!

+ View a list of upcoming birthdays.
+ Automatically import birthdays from Contacts
+ Add birthdays for people who are not in your Facebook contacts nor in your IPhone contacts. (e.g nieces, nephews)
+ Edit and delete birthdays
+ Call, Email, Text, or post to a friend's Facebook wall to wish a friend Happy Birthday.
+ Get two notifications per birthday. Day of and up to 7 days before.
+ Set the time of day for notifications.
+ Backup Birthdays to iCloud

Birthday Planner Pro

Birthday Planner Pro


Never forget a birthday of your family and friends again.

View whose birthday will come soon clearly and use this app to send your best wishes to your buddies on time.

You can list birthdays of your people here, this app will do the countdown and remind you on time according to date you set. And you can plan the birthday gift in advance and track the process you prepare.

Key Features:
⁃ Group people whose birthday will come within one week and one month.
⁃ Big numbers birthday countdown of five people in home page.
⁃ Count down days left of each people’s birthday.
⁃ List birthdays of people by month or by name.
⁃ Calendar view of people’s birthday.
⁃ Set reminder for each one’s birthday.
⁃ Plan birthday gifts and keep the budget.
⁃ Track birthday gifts’ preparing process.
⁃ Track the gifts sent from friends to yourself.
⁃ Set your own birthday and count down.
⁃ Export birthday gift list by email.
⁃ Custom countdown style.
⁃ Archive gifts list.
⁃ Send birthday greetings by text or email directly from this app.
⁃ Dropbox backup and restore.
⁃ Passcode protection.
⁃ Supports Apple Watch version.
⁃ Supports universal version (available on both iPhone and iPad).

If you have any question or suggestion, please email to