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A New Apple Patent Hints at Siri’s Future on the Apple TV

A smarter Siri could help make using set-top box even easier
Apple TV
May 10, 2016

Siri could eventually make the Apple TV even easier to use. A new patent, first discovered by AppleInsider, shows how the virtual assistant could be beneficial to navigating Apple’s long-rumored subscription TV service and more.

Easy navigation

Easy navigation

Named “Intelligent Automated Assistant for TV User Interactions,” the patent was originally filed in 2014. It imagines a much smarter Siri. Here’s more from AppleInsider:

Importantly, Apple contemplates not just normal natural language processing, but also the concept of intent. Apple sees a Siri-like assistant understanding the questions asked or commands issued and responding appropriately.

Some of this is already on display in tvOS, the operating system that runs atop the fourth-generation Apple TV. Siri recognizes when users ask for details on a particular movie or show, and differentiates those requests from more mundane real-world queries.

The patent also details some great features that could be used for a subscription TV service including the ability to search program listings, record live video, and play recorded content.

Another interesting use is the ability to control a number of different Apple TV’s connected to the same network. For example, users could request to play a video on a certain set-top box from the Siri Remote.

Some much needed improvements

Some much needed improvements
Siri could learn a thing or two from Viv.

Siri could learn a thing or two from Viv.

Even though the new technology is detailed in a patent, that doesn’t mean it will ever appear on a future version of the Apple TV. But it does make sense that Apple would want to leverage one of the best features of the device to make navigation even easier.

Hopefully the ubiquitous assistant will continue to get even smarter on our iOS devices as well since we’ve recently scene what voice control can do.

Viv, which was shown off publicly for the first time yesterday, is light years ahead of where Siri is currently.