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Amazon Rep Claims Prime Video App Still Coming to Apple TV This Year

Apple TV
December 5, 2017

Is the Amazon Prime Video app finally coming to Apple TV? Amazon has confirmed it will launch before the end of the month, as promised. The news comes less than four weeks before the new year arrives.

According to TidBITS’ Josh Centers, an Amazon representative said the following recently:

Thanks for checking in. Yes, you can expect the launch this year.

Late last month, AppleInsider noted Amazon employees have been accessing an Amazon Prime Video beta for the Apple TV. This was the first indication in months that the service would finally be arriving on Apple TV as long promised.

In June, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Amazon Prime Video would arrive on Apple TV “later this year.” At the same time, Cupertino’s entertainment box was expected to once again be offered through the online retailer.

For over two years, Amazon has banned the sale of Apple TV on At the same time, Amazon has refused to add the company’s Prime video service to Apple’s set-top box. That was supposed to change soon after the June announcement.

This latest news is promising, although I wouldn’t get too excited about it just yet. Rumors have been flying often in the past six months about Amazon Prime Video’s introduction on Apple TV. So far, nothing.