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Reversible Emoji

Reversible Emoji Likely to Arrive in Late 2018 With Unicode 11

Digital Communicator
December 5, 2017

Reversible emoji could be in our future. If approved, Apple and other vendors would be able to choose which emoji can be reversible on their mobile devices, based on their preferences.

There seems to be an emoji for everything. Despite this, you can’t reverse emoji to face in a different direction. That could change as early as next year, according to newly proposed guidelines from the Unicode Consortium.

If reversible emoji do come, it probably won’t happen until the second half of 2018. That’s when the Unicode Consortium will release Unicode 11 to software companies. In total, 100 new emoji characters should be arriving next year.

Emoji candidates for next year include a mango, kangaroo, pirate flag, and many more.