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Apple Airs a New Ad for UEFA Euro 2016 Tournament

The ad will likely air on TV during televised games, though it's already available to view at Apple's YouTube channel
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June 9, 2016

UEFA's Euro 2016 football (or soccer, as it's called the other side of the pond) tournament is set to kick-off tomorrow, June 10, and in recognition and celebration of the event Apple has put together a brand new captured-on-iPhone ad. Called “The beautiful game,” the ad is available to view now at Apple's YouTube channel.

This time around, as you'd expect all of the iPhone-captured images included in the ad are based around football: there are stadiums, fans, players, and everything in between. The background track, as 9to5mac explains, is called “Wings” and it's by the band Little Sims. As each image or video appears on-screen, the name of the photographer appears underneath against a white bezel. In total, the new ad is 30 seconds long.

If you're going to be watching Euro 2016, look out the for the ad; as mentioned, we're expecting it to air during televised games across a number of European markets, including Britain.

Other shot-on-iPhone commercials have celebrated Mother's Day and the photographic prowess of the iPhone 6s. My favorite, however, is still the ad that features everyone’s favorite cookie-loving TV star; I'd recommend watching the blooper reel, too.