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Apple Music App Hits The Top Ten Nielsen Charts Across all Smartphones

The only apps higher are from Facebook, Google
December 30, 2016

For a streaming service many dismissed, the Apple Music app is doing pretty well.

According to the Nielsen ratings of most-used apps on smartphones, the Apple Music app is ranked number nine, a heady spot for a music streaming service that many pundits thought would go the way of Ping.

Originally launched in June of 2015, Apple Music has steadily attracted new users to show a 20 percent change since last year. The service has around 20 million paying subscribers, which is about one-fifth of the 100 million users of Spotify, a main competitor.

The only apps used more often than the Apple Music app itself are by Facebook and Google. The top ten apps with the highest change since last year are Amazon app and Instagram with 43 percent and 36 percent growth, respectively.

While the Apple Music app is available as a separate download on Android, it is mostly associated with iOS, as it comes with every iPhone sold.

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