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iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

Apple Offers iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode Tips From Professional Photographers

Learn from some of the best
Credit: Apple
December 6, 2016

To help get the most out of the awesome iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode, Apple has just offered a host of great tips from professional photographers.

Officially arriving with iOS 10.1, portrait mode – also known as the bokeh effect – has been previously revered for high-end DSLR cameras.

Some beautiful images

Some beautiful images
Another example of an image taken with the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode.

Another example of an image taken with the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode.

Credit: Apple

Head over to Apple’s site to see all of the spectacular images. Apple also talks to the photographers for some great real-world tips:

Wedding photographer Benj Haisch said Portrait mode “is absolutely changing the way I look at mobile photography. Having a wide angle 28 mm equivalent paired with the 56 mm equivalent and Portrait mode has been game-changer in achieving professional results without bringing any additional equipment.” He says, “having soft, diffused lighting will help with keeping the photo flattering to your subject. Find a space that isn’t too busy or distracting, as Portrait mode will create a photo that really pops.”

I’ve been using Portrait mode since it arrived in October, and have been extremely impressed.

If you’re still in the market for an iPhone 7 and are on the fence about what model to purchase, Portrait Mode alone is enough for me to recommend the larger iPhone 7 Plus to virtually anyone, especially users who rely on the handset as their go-to camera.

The special effect is reserved only for the larger iPhone 7 because of the dual-lens camera that features both a telephoto and wide-angle lens.

Combining the dual lenses along with advanced machine learning allows the iPhone to capture an image with the subject sharp and in focus while the background is blurred.