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Apple Park Opening

In Steve Jobs Tribute, Apple Park Opening Could Lead to 'One More Thing'

Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park
March 22, 2017

Could the Apple Park opening serve as a launching pad for more new products?

Is Apple about to take Steve Jobs’ signature “one more thing” phrase to a new level? One Macworld contributor thinks so. Oscar Raymundo believes Apple could still hold a springtime product launch event next month despite introducing new products earlier in the week. Perhaps he’s right and here’s why.

Raymundo suggests Cupertino will use next month’s Apple Park opening to introduce the long-rumored “10.5-inch iPad Pro” plus a next-generation iPhone SE.

He notes, “After all, what better way to celebrate the new headquarters than with a product unveiling?”

In a normal year, holding a press event soon after a slew of product announcements wouldn’t make sense for Apple. However, the opening of Apple Park in April is an important event, not just for the iPhone maker, but for the Silicon Valley community, in general.

One of the last things Jobs did before his 2011 death was design Apple’s new “spaceship” campus. When it finally opens, the 2.8 million-square-foot main building won’t just serve as Apple’s new headquarters; it will also represent a living memorial to the late Apple co-founder.

Steve Jobs showing off the first iPad, 2010

Steve Jobs showing off the first iPad, 2010

Part of this memorial is the facility’s new 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theater. Featuring a 20-foot-tall glass cylinder at its entrance, the location is where future Apple product announcements will inevitably be made.

Let’s expand on Raymundo’s comment. What better way to celebrate the new Apple headquarters than with a product unveiling at Steve Jobs Theater?

Mind you, I’m not convinced that this will happen. However, it’s possible. In fact, it’s rather genius were Apple to pull it off.

Imagine Tim Cook opening Apple Park at Steve Jobs Theater. At the back of the stage, there’s an oversized image of Jobs announcing the first iPad in 2010. After a long pause, the image goes dark as Cook offers “one more thing”?

Goosebumps, no?

Do you think the Apple Park opening would justify a surprise product announcement? Leave your comments below.