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Apple's 'iPhone Trade-up Program' Launches in France, Italy and Spain

Customers can now trade-in an older iPhone, Android-, or Windows-powered smartphone and put the value towards a new model
May 28, 2016

Apple's “Trade Up with Installments” plan, which allows users to bring an older smartphone to Apple and put its value towards the purchase of a brand new iPhone handset, is now available in three European countries: France, Italy, and Spain.

The plan works like this. Customers bring their older-generation iPhone, or Android- or Windows-powered smartphone, and Apple puts its value towards the purchase of a new iPhone handset. This cost, however, is then spread over 24 monthly installments, making the purchase more affordable. MacRumors has some examples of how the plan works across the three countries, all of which use the euro as their form of currency, and notes:

When a customer in Italy trades in a used 16GB iPhone 5s for a new 16GB iPhone SE, for example, an amount of €16.98 must be paid each month for the duration of the two-year installment plan. A total of €425.52 would be owed after interest rates are applied to the price. Exact prices vary depending on the combination.

Before now, the plan, “Trade Up with Installments,” was available in the United States only. There, it's financed by Citizens Bank; in France, Italy, and Spain, Sofinco, Agos Ducato, and Cetelem finance the plans, respectively.

The plan I'm more interested in seeing launch internationally, however, is Apple's “iPhone Upgrade Program.” This lets users more easily upgrade to a new iPhone year in, year out, and it so far remains exclusive to the United States. Personally, I'm really hoping to see this plan launch in Britain before the release of the upcoming “iPhone 7,” but we'll have to wait and see before we know for sure whether the plan is set to expand.