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Apple's Latest Ads Showcase iPhone's 4K Video Capture, Touch ID

Though I have to admit, these are my least favorite of Apple's new iPhone 6s ads
April 25, 2016

Apple has posted two new videos, “Onions” and “Fingerprint,” to its YouTube channel, and each one showcases core feature of its current-generation iPhone handset, the iPhone 6s.

Both ads are embedded below for your viewing pleasure (via MacStories); take a look, and see what you think. In the first ad (which is more comical of the two), a girl shoots a video of onions being sliced, and her resultant movie goes viral, hits theaters, and even wins an award (given by Neil Patrick Harris, we might add). The focus is on the iPhone 6s handset's support for capturing 4K video, and this is mentioned in the ad itself.

In the second ad, Apple reminds its customers about Touch ID: the fingerprint-scanning Home button that allows iPhone owners to perform a range of tasks more securily than ever before (from signing documents to starting your car). It's more of a quick-fire ad than the first, and is my preferred one of the two.

Personally, I'm not so keen on either one of these Apple ads (that Cookie Monster sure does take some beating!), and though I'm sure it's intended, I find the first video, “Onions,” to be rather too bizarre to properly enjoy. Of course, Apple's aim at the minute is to reinforce some of the key new features added to its iPhone 6s, and it does this – albeit without emphasising the lightning-fast speed of the second-generation Touch ID sensor as much as the company should.

What do you think?