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Camera Wars: iPhone 7 Plus Compared to Galaxy Note 7 (Video)

The results may not be what you were hoping for
September 17, 2016

Popular YouTube reviewer SuperSaf TV is back with a new camera comparison, pitting the newly released iPhone 7 Plus against the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

In the video, host Safwan Ahmedmia compares a variety of photos and videos shot on the iPhone 7 Plus as well as Samsung’s recently recalled Galaxy Note 7.

The iPhone 7 Plus, which houses a new dual-camera system proves to be beneficial in some scenarios, especially when you’re looking to get a closeup without having to physically move. However, because of the lack of optical image stabilization in the second telephoto lens on the iPhone 7 Plus, images appear to be a little noisy, particularly in low light.

It doesn’t end there, though. Watching the video, it seems like nearly all the photos and videos taken on the iPhone 7 Plus lose to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when you look at things like color, noise, and dynamic range. It’s honesty a bit shocking.

We’ll be looking for more comparison videos in the future, but for now, SuperSaf TV has put together an excellent one. Enjoy!