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Will You Pay $5 Per Month for the ESPN Plus Streaming Service?

Sports Center
February 7, 2018

On Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger officially announced plans to debut an ESPN Plus streaming service. The long-rumored subscription service should arrive in the coming weeks, according to Variety.

For $5 per month, ESPN Plus subscribers will receive special content in an updated ESPN app. As Variety explains:

It will also give them access to a collection of sports news, scores, and highlights that Iger said will be ‘highly personalized’ based on geography, sports team affiliation, and other data points. In addition, subscribers can access a library of ESPN content, such as its ’30 for 30′ documentary series, as well as live events that are not broadcast on its suite of channels.

Interestingly, you’ll still need a subscription through “traditional or non-traditional” methods to live stream live TV content from the company’s channels.

Of ESPN Plus, Iger explains:

This will enable people to access ESPN just about any way imaginable. If anything points to what the future of ESPN looks like, it will be this.

With ESPN Plus, users will be able to stream sports content on iOS and Android mobile devices and through ChromeCast. Though Iger didn’t mention Apple TV, there’s no reason to believe the service won’t eventually launch on Cupertino’s streaming device too.

Given a TV subscription elsewhere is still required to gain access to live ESPN content, I suspect ESPN Plus will be a tough sell. Still, with Disney buying 21st Century Fox and its regional sports channels, this could eventually change.

Will you be buying an ESPN Plus subscription when the service launches? Let us know below.