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function area

The Latest 'iPhone 8' Mockup Shows the Usefulness of the Function Area

May 4, 2017

The next iPhone’s biggest change could be the introduction of a so-called “function area” built into the front-facing glass that would replace the iconic Home button. In its latest “iPhone 8” mockup, iDrop News imagines this area and its many uses.

As you can see, the renders show a highly functional area that could make us rethink how we use and interact with our iPhones.

They note:

While we can safely assume that this new Function Area will replace the physical Home button on the iPhone 8, it could also be used for a variety of other functions. Presumably, Apple could integrate app-contextual controls into the Function Area, similar to what they did on the MacBook Pro’s new OLED Touch Bar. From music and video controls to app-specific buttons, the possibilities for a Function Area could be limitless (especially considering the creativity of iOS app developers).

Apple’s likely to announce its 2017 iPhone lineup in September.

For months, it looked like Cupertino would introduce three new iPhones this year. In recent weeks, however, sources in the supply chain have narrowed that list to two. We’ll probably see a 4.7-inch “iPhone 8” and 5.8-inch “iPhone 8 Plus.”

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Would you like to see a function area found on future iOS devices? Let us know using the comments below. 

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