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Future Nest Products

Future Nest Products May Include a New Thermostat, Home Security System

Connected Home
March 8, 2017

A new report from Bloomberg is shining a light on possible future Nest products, including a lower-cost thermostat and a complete home security system.

An eye on security

An eye on security

First up, the company is planning a lower-cost version of its popular Nest learning thermostat that currently retails for $249. Possibly launching in 2018, the report says the model would cost less than $200 and may drop the company’s usual metal edge.

The company is also looking at creating remote sensors for the thermostat that would allow users to control the comfort level of a specific room. That sounds similar to the technology found in the Ecobee3 Thermostat that is compatible with Apple’s smart home protocol.

As long rumored, the company is also developing a complete home security system. Here’s more from the report:

Nest is also working on an end-to-end home security alarm solution with the goal of shipping this year, the person said. One of the prototype versions of the system includes a central hub with a keypad, a pack of alarm sensors to be placed on windows and doors, and a fob for key rings for arming and disarming the alarm system, the person said.

Like a standard home alarm system, the alarm will ring when a person enters the room until the correct code is entered into the keypad. The fob could also be used to enable and disable the alarm, according to the person. The security system would be paired with a smartphone application that would allow a home owner to approve entry for a specific person, such as a dog walker or visitor, the person said.

An app-enabled doorbell

An app-enabled doorbell

Also in development is a new version of the Nest Cam. Possibly released this fall, the camera could feature some type of face-recognition technology that could identify a specific person in a frame.

Interestingly, Nest also is looking at creating a doorbell system sporting a built-in camera, speaker, and microphone that could be released in 2018. Similar to Ring or the August Doorbell Cam, it would tie in with a companion app and allow homeowners to communicate with visitors. without needing to open the door, or even be at home.

Earlier this week, Nest rolled out two-step authentication for user accounts. With the feature activated, even if someone is able to guess your account password, they’ll need your phone to access the information.