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Help Adorable Animals Avoid Their Fate With Bacon Escape

The makers of Mr. Crab want you to assist these poor creatures to find their freedom.
Credit: Illusion Labs
Pocket Gaming
March 6, 2017

AppAdvice’s Trevor Sheridan has the inside scoop on Illusion Labs’ latest adorable mobile game, Bacon Escape. The team showed off the latest build of the upcoming game for Trevor, who spent the last week in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference looking for treasures like this.

The makers of Touchgrind Skate 2 and Mr. Crab 2 are back with another adorable mobile title, this time with a minecart full of barnyard animals. They need your help to break out of prison and get through level after level of crazy Rube-Goldberg-style mazes and obstacles.

There are two kinds of obstacles, red and blue. You’ll tap to activate the blue obstacles (or tap and hold for the red ones) and allow your animal friend to pass by unharmed through the variously themed levels.

Bacon Escape has been in development since last summer, evolving from an earlier idea similar to Mr. Crab 2 into more of a quick challenge with a progress bar at the top of the screen. It’s using the same graphics engine as Mr. Crab 2, which is why it looks so good.

There are 24 levels ready so far, with more in the works. You’ll spend 30 to 60 seconds on each level, which have forking pathways and tons of unlockable content, including 30 or so characters and mine carts, with even more planned.

Bacon Escape should be released sometime this Spring.

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