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Incipio unveils a new HomeKit-enabled smart outlet and light bulb adapter

Both devices can also measure your energy consumption
Connected Home
March 8, 2016

The lineup of smart home products compatible with Apple’s HomeKit protocol continues to grow. Incipio has just announced two new devices available to order now – the CommandKit Wireless Smart Outlet and Wireless Smart Light Bulb Adapter.

A smarter home

A smarter home
The Light Bulb Adapter can screw into an existing fixture.

The Light Bulb Adapter can screw into an existing fixture.

First up, the Smart Outlet is similar to other solutions released from companies like Elgato, iHome, and ConnectSense.

Using built-in Wi-Fi, you can turn any small appliance or existing lamp into a smart device. You can turn it on and off via Siri or by using the companion Incipio CommandKit app.

As the name suggests, the Light Bulb Adapter is designed to screw into existing lighting fixtures. Along with being able to turn the device on and off, users will also be able to dim any bulb when needed.

Both devices can also monitor energy usage and allow users to possibly reduce consumption.

With the app, users can interact with all of their HomeKit devices, even those from other manufacturers and create zones, rooms, scenes, and more.

CommandKit Wireless Smart Outlet and Wireless Smart Light Bulb Adapter can be ordered now from Incipio for $39.99.

The companion app for both products

Incipio CommandKit
Incipio CommandKit
Incipio Technologies, Inc

The state of HomeKit

The state of HomeKit

If you haven’t heard about HomeKit, it’s a protocol designed by Apple to make it easier for users to interact with the numerous smart home products flooding the market. The standout feature, so far, is the ability to control different devices with just a simple Siri voice command.

The first compatible devices started to hit the market a little more than a year ago. Back in January at CES in Las Vegas, a number of other new options were announced that should be arriving throughout the year. You can take a look out our roundup of what to expect.

While the number of HomeKit devices continues to grow, I hope Apple will make it easier for users to manage all of their devices by adding a dedicated stock app in iOS 10.

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