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"iPhone 8" FaceTime Camera

The 'iPhone 8' FaceTime Camera Maybe Paired With Another Lens for Better Facial Recognition

Apple Rumors
May 11, 2017

After a report from earlier today pegged LG Innotek as supplying the front-facing facial recognition camera for the next-generation iPhone, Mac Otakara (via AppleInsider) has chimed in with more possible information. The report says the “iPhone 8” FaceTime Camera will likely be paired with another lens to improve facial recognition.

The current 32mm FaceTime camera could possibly be paired with a wide-angle 24mm lens. Another scenario would see the current lens combined with a 28mm lens.

A dual-lens camera system would offer significantly better facial recognition than a single-lens system. For example, the Samsung Galaxy’s S8 facial recognition – powered by a single lens – can be fooled by a photograph of the user. That’s not exactly secure.

LG Innotek already supplies the rear-facing, dual lens camera modules for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple has reportedly placed an initial order for the facial recognition camera technology is valued at around $177 million.

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