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Look out for Space Tactics, a turn-based strategy game that's coming soon to iOS

The app is currently in development but is nearing completion, and should dock in the App Store sooner rather than later
Pocket Gaming
April 3, 2016

On the hunt for a new, “hardcore” turn-based game set in the dark expanse of space? Well, you could be in luck: Space Tactics, an upcoming title, should soon be available to scratch that very itch.

Blast off

Blast off

Blast off

There is, as Pocketgamer notes, a lot to look forward to here: based on what we've seen at the Space Tactics blog, the title seems to have everything. For starters, it indeed adopts the turn-based mode of gameplay that we've seen before in other strategy titles, and as such there are tactical battles for gamers to play through.

However, Space Tactics also promises iOS gamers two campaigns “with completely different gameplay style and random battles for infinite replayability,” meaning players will be able to go back to Space Tactics again and again without growing bored.

The game uses holograms to deliver its content, and players must plot their warfare using a giant holographic battle map. You of course need to be smart with the positioning of your fleet in order to gain victory over your enemies. There are also on-the-spot dogfights to partake in, and the randomly-generated nature of the title means no two of these will feel similar.

The developer behind Space Tactics has promised that it'll adopt a “pay once, play forever” mantra: there'll be no IAPs, mobile ads, or incentives to invite friends to join in the game, and this is great news.

As mentioned, Space Tactics should be available to download sooner rather than later, and once available it'll retail on the App Store for a yet-to-be-announced price. Of course, we'll let you know once the title launches on iOS.