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Malevolent Machines

Malevolent Machines' New Trailer Reveals Pixel-Perfect Boss Fights

Endless runner promises to be a visual treat
Pocket Gaming
January 4, 2017

Upcoming retro-flavored endless runner Malevolent Machines shows off exciting boss fights in the new trailer.

Developer Goodnight Games plans to release its latest mobile game, Malevolent Machines, onto the App Store this February 7th, and they’ve got a brand new trailer to keep us excited.

This one shows off the cool-looking boss fights that players will encounter at the end of certain levels.

What sets Malevolent Machines apart from others of its ilk are both the beautiful visuals, which look like something out of a 32-bit retro game, as well as a deeper, more quirky storyline than usual, with a mad scientist who must battle her own creations to keep the research money flowing in (wha?).

Careless in her experiments, Dr. Leyla Green unleashes countless horrors upon mankind. In order to get her experiments back and keep her funding, she dives into a steampunk universe with her giant pet cyborg. Dr. Leyla will take on hordes of biological and robotic monstrosities as she journeys through the city to her university lab.

- Goodnight Games

The steampunk environments are host to a number of Malevolent Machines, according to Touch Arcade, including “a steam grenade launcher that was originally intended to fire tennis balls, a carry-copter that somehow became filled with mines, and an automatic snow-shovelling robot that became sentient with its military robot AI and went on a murderous rampage.”

To get more of a flavor of this slick-new endless runner, check out the teaser trailer released a while back.

If nothing else, consider grabbing this one when it releases; it’s looking really good so far.

Malevolent Machines is set to launch on February 7 for $1.99 with no in-app purchases, with a few free expansions planned for the future.

Via: TouchArcade