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iOS 11 ARKit

Watch a Supercharged Pokémon Go Using the iOS 11 ARKit

Pocket Gaming
June 9, 2017

Something you might have missed during Monday’s very packed WWDC keynote was the introduction of ARKit for iOS 11. The API is all about augmented reality and is designed for developers to bring AR features to both the iPhone and iPad starting with iOS 11.

At a session specifically tackling ARKit during the conference, Apple showcased a clip from the hugely popular Pokémon Go using the iOS 11 ARKit. And it definitely looks great. The entire session video is free to watch here, but you can also view the clip just from the game on Reddit (via TouchArcade.)

As you can see, catching Pikachu looks spectacular and a big step up from the game on iOS 10.

Currently in beta testing, iOS 11 will officially arrive to the general public sometime this fall. We should be seeing games that take advantage of ARKit, including Pokémon Go, arrive shortly after the official release.

And Pokémon Go will soon be celebrating its first birthday with a big bash. Pokémon Go Fest on Saturday, July 22 at Grant Park in Chicago will be game’s first ever official real-world event. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit here.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
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