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Postepic Instagram for book quotes

The Updated Postepic App Wants to Be the Instagram for Book Quotes

You still read books, right?
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April 10, 2017

It’s been said that if you want words to stand out, you will have to turn them into images. This means that people are more likely to devote their attention to words set against a striking background than to the same words presented as plain text — even though the words come from Shakespeare or Salinger. Unfortunately, this is just the way it is in the age of Instagram. Fortunately, you can use Postepic, particularly if you want to share book quotes in the form of eye-catching images.

Capture quotes from the books you read and turn them into beautiful images.

Recently updated to version 2.0, Postepic makes sharing beautiful images of book quotes pretty much as easy as sharing images on Instagram. Indeed, Postepic is a sort of Instagram for book quotes.

Optical character recognition

To start sharing a book quote with Postepic, snap a picture of a page from a print book or load a screenshot of a page from an e-book, and crop the image to contain only the lines you want to capture. (For the sake of legibility, Postepic recommends limiting a book quote to 600 characters.)

Postepic then uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically convert the captured quote into editable text. Postepic’s OCR technology is not perfect, so you may need to adjust the converted text if you see any errors such as misspellings and omissions. But for the most part, you’ll probably be editing the quote to highlight your favorite parts.

Post customization

You can then pick a font and a background for the quote, and add the author, the title, and other tags you may need to keep your library of book quotes organized. Once you’re happy with how your book quote image looks, you’re ready to save it to your private library or publish it to the in-app public library.

In Postepic, you can also browse a feed of images of book quotes that other users have shared in the home feed, and you can discover book quotes by searching keywords or checking out tags. If you find something that you want to save, just “like” it to make it easily accessible in your favorites. And of course, you can go to your personal library to see all of the book quotes that you’ve created in Postepic, whether saved privately or shared publicly. You can even share book quotes from Postepic to other social media apps and sites, if you really want to spread the wit and wisdom of what you’ve read.

Postepic is quite similar to Quotle, but unlike Quotle, which allows only plain color backgrounds, Postepic offers a selection of elegant background images — although allowing users to upload their own background images would be a major plus, too. Postepic also encourages discovery of book quotes shared by other users — although allowing users to follow others would be much appreciated as well. As it is, though, Postepic is already a worthy candidate for the title of Instagram for book quotes, that is, it’s already an outstanding app for making book quotes stand out.

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Postepic 2.0 is available now on the App Store for free.

Postepic - Book Quotes: Highlight, Share, Discover
Postepic - Book Quotes: Highlight, Share, Discover
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