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Reliable Source: Expect 'iPhone 7', Not 'iPhone Pro'

The new iPhones aren't going to borrow from the iPad's naming scheme, at least according to one so-called "reliable source"
August 17, 2016

According to a “reliable source,” Apple is set to introduce its “iPhone 7” to us in September, and isn't going to use the rumored “iPhone Pro” name as part of the new releases.

Before now, there'd been some discussion as to whether the dual-lens iPhone we've heard so much about would be called the iPhone Pro, with a lesser-capable iPhone perhaps using the iPhone 7 name. But, according to a reliable source of Macotakara's, Apple isn't going to attach a “pro” label to any of its new iPhones.

Instead, Macotakara's “reliable source” notes that the new iPhones will be called the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. This is something our own Bryan Wolfe argued for yesterday, in his Tech Media Minute column. The same report adds that a touch-sensitive Home button is also set to replace the mechanical button in the current-generation iPhone 6s handsets.

Other changes expected to reach the iPhone 7 include a dual-lens camera, and possibly even new colors, too. In fact, a seemingly accurate prototype for the iPhone 7 Plus hit the Web yesterday, appearing to depict a handset that was most certainly blue, and not Space Black.

Of course, we'll know more come September, when Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone handsets. The latest we've heard is that a special event is pencilled in for Sept. 7, with preorders launching on Sept. 9 and sales beginning on Sept. 23. This would mean new iPhone availability begins a week later than usual, but as mentioned, nothing has been officially confirmed.