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Hundred Soul

Relish in Over-the-Top RPG Action in the Upcoming Hundred Soul

Pocket Gaming
March 6, 2017

Any RPG fan should definitely take notice of a great new title on track to hit the App Store. Hundred Soul is a deluxe, over-the-top action RPG featuring big heroes and even bigger enemies.

Fluid combat

Fluid combat

Gamers should be happy to hear that the title will sport great production values along with very fluid combat.

You’ll be attempting to gain ancestral powers and nurture a character’s mastery with a number of different weapons.

Gameplay will revolve around the relationship between a character and their weapon. Increases mastery with a weapon will lead to better efficiency.

Some of the weapons include staffs, swords, bows, shield, and blunt weapons.

You’ll develop a unique tap/attack patterns in accordance with which ever ancestral power are activate in real-time combat. While in battle, players can pull off different maneuvers like dodges and blocks and even saving an ally from harm.

Here’s an idea of what to expect. Gamers will need to be patient though as the game is expected to launch in Korea in November and the United States in the first half of 2018.