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iPhone X early adopters

Recent Study Shows 97 Percent Satisfaction Rate for iPhone X Early Adopters

April 23, 2018

With one major exception, iPhone X early adopters are satisfied with Apple’s latest handset. That’s according to a recent study from industry analysis firm Creative Strategies noted by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.

A closer look at the satisfaction rates from the iPhone X study.

A closer look at the satisfaction rates from the iPhone X study.

The study used responses from 1,746 iPhone owners from the United States and Europe:

When it came to overall customer satisfaction, iPhone X owners in our study gave the product an overall 97% customer satisfaction. While that number is impressive, what really stands out when you do customer satisfaction studies is the percentage who say they are very satisfied with the product. Considering you add up the total number of very satisfied, and satisfied, to get your total customer satisfaction number a product can have a high number of satisfied responses and lower number of very satisfied responses and still achieve a high number. The higher the very satisfied responses, the better a product truly is. In our study, 85% of iPhone X owners said they were very satisfied with the product.

Bajrin said those numbers were the highest customer satisfaction he’s seen with a product the firm has studied, which included a wide variety of technology products. For comparison, only 66 percent of original Apple Watch owners were very satisfied with the product.

Across the board, iPhone X owners were satisfied with some of the most important features including Face ID, the new navigation gestures, the display, and more.

A glaring exception was Siri with only a 20 percent satisfaction rate.