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SoundCloud Go is a New, Inexpensive Streaming Music Option

February 28, 2017

SoundCloud has just introduced a new streaming music tier to its lineup – SoundCloud Go. Costing $4.99 per month, the service provides access to more than 120 million tracks in an ad-free environment while also allowing users to listen their music offline.

A mid-tier option

A mid-tier option

The previous paid option from the company that launched last year has now been renamed SoundCloud Go+. That $9.99 per month option features access to more than 150 million tracks, offline listening, no advertisements, no previews, and more.

There is also a free option that gives users access to more than 120 million tracks. But there is no offline listening and it does offer numerous advertisements.

All of the streaming options are available to access through the SoundCloud app. It’s designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and all iPad models and can be downloaded now for free.

Just to note, you’ll want to subscribe via SoundCloud’s website if you want to take advantage of those prices. If you do so from the iOS app, you’ll pay $5.99 per month for SoundCloud Go and $12.99 monthly for the best option. New members can receive a free, 30-day trial of both options.

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SoundCloud - Music & Audio
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