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Surprise! Secondary Speaker Grill on 'iPhone 7' Could Be Cosmetic

Dual cameras, yes, but dual speakers? No -- at least according to this leaked schematic
August 12, 2016

Before now, we’d heard that Apple’s next-generation iPhone, the “iPhone 7,” is set to pack dual speakers at the base of the smartphone. However, the latest news – coming from a leaked schematic – indicates that one of these speaker grills will be “purely cosmetic.”

All of this is based on the document to the right of the page, which hit the Web at French website NWE (and reached us via MacRumors). The schematic suggests that “the additional holes may be purely cosmetic,” rather than offering iPhone 7 owners more balanced, powerful sound. Of course, the two speaker grills will give the iPhone a more symmetrical design, even if one is a dummy.

MacRumors goes on to note:

The text in the documents refers to the area that occupies the 3.5mm headphone jack on current iPhones as having simply a microphone and microphone mesh, with no mention of a speaker in that location. Most of the secondary holes would be non-functional, except for the one furthest to the right, which would double as a microphone.

Naturally, MacRumors warns that “the veracity of the photo cannot be confirmed,” though the website does point to a further drawing which indicated that the holes were “not cut all the way through except for what would normally be the microphone hole.” Take a look and see what we mean.

Apple is reportedly planning on launching a dual-camera system with the iPhone 7, though this could be limited to the larger, more expensive Plus-sized device. Regarding hardware design, we’re expecting the upcoming smartphone to look a lot like the iPhone 6s, but with a bigger camera.

Of course, we’ll know Apple’s plans for sure come September when Cupertino unveils its next-generation iPhone handsets at an anticipated special event. Check back with us for further information concerning the upcoming smartphones as we receive it.