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Survey Your Friends the Fast and Fun Way With Emoji Poll for iMessage

A new iMessage app makes polling easy with a little help from emojis
Credit: SwiftKey
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September 15, 2016

One of the things that is frequently done over chat is deciding on such choices as what to eat, where to go, and when to meet up. Now, a new iMessage app is seeking to make that aspect of messaging family and friends easier — with a little help from emojis.

Emoji Poll, as the app is aptly called, is a fast and fun way to send and participate in polls right within iMessage.

Easy poll creation

Creating a poll is easy. Just enter text for the options and the app will automatically set matching emoji to go with them. Press Send to share your poll with iMessage users and allow them to cast their votes.

Emoji matching

In case an option doesn’t have a close emoji match, don’t worry. You can manually select an emoji to go with it.

Location data and links

To help participants make informed choices, you can attach location data and website links to options.

Easy vote casting

To participate in a poll, just tap the poll, go through the options, and cast your vote.

Optional anonymous voting

Each vote, i.e., who voted for which option, is kept tracked of in real time. But you can make votes anonymous particularly on polls where votes need to be kept secret.

Emoji Poll - Send surveys to friends with iMessage
Emoji Poll - Send surveys to friends with iMessage
Vibrant Nomad Studio, LLC

Emoji Poll is your best bet when it comes to surveying your family and friends about their preferences and opinions. Not only are the options presented in a visually appealing manner, but the voting process and the tracking of votes are also easily handled.

Download Emoji Poll now from the App Store or directly from the iMessage App Store for free.