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That Blue iPhone Could Actually Be Dark Space Gray

After all, the idea of a deep blue iPhone seemed a little out there
June 27, 2016

It looks like Apple's next-generation iPhone might not be available in dark blue after all, but rather a very dark Space Gray (which really does make a lot more sense).

50 shades of (Space) Gray?

The news comes from AppleInsider, which cites information provided by the Japanese blog Macotakara. According to the publication, the so-called “iPhone 7” isn't going to be available in a blue color option. Instead, it'll be “much darker” than the current Space Gray option, “close to black, though not quite black.” In its article, AppleInsider explains:

Monday's indications from Macotakara sources appear to be a clarification from earlier reports that suggested Apple would ditch space gray for a “deep blue” color option. Sources who claim to have seen the next-generation iPhone coloring apparently mistook the darker space gray for a blue shade.

Interestingly, there's method to Apple's change. Sources claim that the new, darker Space Gray iPhone is going to resemble the tone of the Space Black Apple Watch. And after all, it's not as if Apple's Space Gray has remained Space Gray since its launch. The iPad Pro is lighter than the iPad Air, for instance. And the iPhone 6 Plus is darker than the iPhone 6s Plus. Take a look at the image above for a good comparison.

The bottom line, then, is that this is all really a storm in a teacup: Apple changes the shade of its Space Gray iOS devices periodically, for reasons pretty much unknown, and that isn't going to stop with the iPhone 7. Of course, we'll know more about the device for sure come September, so stay tuned.