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You Can Now Add Instagram to Your Photo Sharing Options

Post photos directly from your other apps
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June 7, 2016

Depending on how often you open the More section of your sharing options, you may not have even noticed a new option in there. Instagram, as of an update on June 6, is now in the list and can be enabled. Sharing your photos directly to Instagram from other apps is now easier than ever.

Enabling the feature:

First, make sure that you have the newest version (8.2) of Instagram on your iOS device. Then when you want to share a photo from another app, open your sharing options, tap the More button, and enable Instagram.


You will receive a pop-up window for your post where you can add a caption if you want to and then just tap Share from the top. It does not get any easier than that to post photos from your other apps right to Instagram.

At the beginning of this month, Instagram tightened up its API access and in May the app got a revamped design with bright colors. While this update may not be an enormous one, it is certainly a long-awaited, convenient one for those posting to Instagram frequently.

As a reminder, Instagram is available on the App Store free for iPhone and iPod touch with support for Apple Watch. So, if you have not updated it yet, head on over for the newest version and start sharing those photos with a tap.

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