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Baby Nom Nom
Baby Nom Nom

Baby Nom Nom Is Hungry And Needs Your Help Getting Food

August 1, 2013

Baby Nom Nom ($2.99) by Playrise Digital Ltd. is a physics-based casual game that has you rotating a giant maze to collect fruit and get a pile of rice into the arms of babe before the clock runs out. Don’t miss a single grain of rice or you’ll be in trouble.

Players must manipulate a maze by rotating it around in order to get a pile of rice into Baby Nom Nom’s bowl. The mazes feature locked walls that require keys, boards that won’t break unless all grains of rice are pushing against them, and portals that will dump your rice out somewhere you didn’t want it to be.

There are also pieces of fruit to collect as you move through the maze. Babies need more then just rice to eat. As the pile of rice falls from one end of the maze to another, based on the way you rotate the device, fruit will be collected when rolling over it.

Levels become more complex. They start out with only a few turns and pieces of fruit and, before you know it, you must unlock one wall, break down another, collect fruit, go through portals, and get all grains of rice into Baby Nom Nom’s bowl before the clock runs out.

Players have one minute to get the rice to the bowl or they lose. If you get some, but not all of the rice into the bowl, you will be able to move onto the next level, but Baby Nom Nom will express his disapproval. He will shake his head whenever a grain ends up on the floor. If the bowl is less than 50 percent full at the end of the level, he will leave you a “present” in his diaper.

This game is a lot of fun and has very entertaining graphics. It uses simple, casual physics-based game mechanics, but offers it in a unique way. If you are a fan of games that require aim, strategy, and quick reflexes, give Baby Nom Nom a chance.

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