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Heroes and Castles
Heroes and Castles

Defend, Manage Your Keep In Heroes And Castles

January 18, 2013

Heroes and Castles ($1.99) by Foursaken Media puts you in the middle of a tower defense game. Often, this game genre features an overhead view of the battle, such as can be seen in Lich Defense.

While some of these games add different takes on it, such as Plants vs Zombies, for the most part they are a dime a dozen.

But not this game, m’lord.

In this case you assume the role of a knight, paladin, or dwarf, and take matters into your own hands as you defend your keep. With over-the-shoulder gameplay, such as in Wild Blood, you get a front row seat to all of the action.

Deadites, er, skeletons are attacking your walls. Smite them while ye may before they make those walls come a tumbling down. But just because you control the hero doesn’t mean you need to be alone. Summon units to fight beside you.

Peons are the first units available, which pretty much end up being skeleton fodder, but they work good en masse. More advanced units become available with each level.

The controls are smooth and work well for this game. Swiping anywhere on the screen controls looking, while a directional stick controls movement. The attack and run buttons occupy the right side of the screen, with the units and build buttons conveniently placed on the bottom.

Perhaps the trickiest aspect about this game is having to manage the kingdom literally during the heat of the battle.

This game definitely keeps you on your toes as you clear the walls from being attacked, build buildings (such as gold mines), summon warriors, and repair any damages.

For $2.99, this game is a steal. I would recommend playing it on the iPad to take advantage of the larger screen.

So what are you waiting for? Rush into the App Store and defend your kingdom!

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