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Ultima Utility
Ultima Utility

Convert Anything To Anything Else With Ultima Utility

March 4, 2013

Ultima Utility ($0.99) by Nine Software Inc. is the ultimate conversion app for practically everything you will ever need to convert. You can even get your body’s body-mass index (BMI), but you may need to do some converting before you enter your numbers.

Whether you want to know how many kilograms are in a pound or how many feet are in a fathom, you be able to find what you are looking for with this app. All you have to do is find the units you are looking for and enter the number.

The conversion unit types are listed under different categories that have a visual icon on the left side of the screen. For example, you can find conversions for area, currency, and length. Each category has a list of units, like acres to square feet or Euros to Yen. The icon for area is a cube. The icon for currency is a dollar sign. The icon for length is a ruler. Users can find what they need by searching the different categories.

In addition to the 20 different unit conversion categories, the app features a section for computing the Pythagorean theorem, calculating Pi to as many decimals as needed up to 16, getting a person’s BMI, computing RGB to Hex coding, and figuring Hex to RGB coding. All you have to do is enter some numbers and the app will compute the answer for you.

As an added bonus, you will get a list of world capitals, country codes, country time zones, U.S. presidents, and U.S. state capitals. Everything you need to seem like a smarty-pants at parties is available to you in this app. Plus, when you are shopping for ingredients for baked goods, you don’t have to guess at the measurements. You’ll be able to convert ounces to cups with a few simple taps.

Even though the app is simple to use and works perfectly, the icons on the left side of the screen are confusing. For example, power, inductance, energy, and current all use a lightning bolt as an icon. You can’t quickly pick your category until you familiarize yourself with each section’s listing. It would have been much better to have the categories listed as words instead of pictures.

For only $0.99, this app is perfect for anyone looking for a comprehensive conversion chart. It includes more units of measurement then you will ever need in your entire life, but you’ll always be able to look them up whenever you need to.

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