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Jump Jump Zombie
Jump Jump Zombie

Quirky App Of The Day: Bring The Undead To New Heights In Jump Jump Zombie

April 15, 2013

Most platform games are pretty cute. They have a simple stick figure bounding from place to place. Perhaps you’re guiding a little green alien like in Doodle Jump. Regardless, these games are usually delightful and whimsical. Jump Jump Zombie makes me worry that I’m going to leave an arm or leg behind on one of the platforms.

There’s nothing cute about this game. You’re a hideous zombie that’s bounding around on bone platforms. You collect ice cream cones for extra points, but I’m pretty sure that the garnish on the top is an eyeball instead of a cherry.

Every so often, you reach a special area where there are pumpkins, pirate hats, or witches. When you touch them, they blast you up into the air.

I’m not sure how much exertion this little zombie can handle. I almost feel like there should be some sort of atrophy meter that you have to keep tabs on. If you go too long without replenishing it, you’ll start leaving body parts behind on the platforms. Seriously, this guy is already falling apart. Let’s not make it worse by bouncing him around.

This game features a wrap around screen. Usually, this is a pretty useful feature. It means that if you tilt too far to the right, you pop out on the left side of the screen. However, I’ve found in platform games this poses more of a challenge rather than being helpful.

Jump Jump Zombie features ads that run along the bottom for the screen. If you would like to remove these ads, you can pay $0.99 through an in-app purchase.

As gross as this little guy looks, he grows on you after a while. It’s definitely a creepier platform game than most. I love zombies though, and I had to give this game a try. Any other zombie lovers out there might want to try it out as well.

Jump Jump Zombie is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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