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Twin Moons
Twin Moons

Twin Moons Has Been Destroyed And You Can’t Remember Why

July 19, 2013

Twin Moons (Free) by G5 Entertainment is the latest point-and-click adventure game from the company that has brought some of the best hidden object, adventure, and strategy games to iOS. Solving this mystery may end the world. Is immortality worth the price?

In this adventure game, players must help the main character trigger his memory to find out what happened to his fiancé, his boss, and his friends. As the story unfolds, you may be surprised at what is revealed.

As is typical of most games like this, players look for clues in different rooms by tapping on an object. If the item is important to the story, it will either be added to your inventory or be zoomed in for closer inspection.

If you tap on something and it zooms in, you can tap on objects in the detail window to investigate further. You may find another important item to add to your inventory, or discover a puzzle that must be solved.

For example, if you tap on a locker in the bathroom, you will see that there is a lock on it that can only be opened if you solve a puzzle. The locking mechanism may have a piece missing that you must find somewhere else before being able to access it.

This adventure has layer upon layer of objects and areas to investigate. More than halfway through the game, I was still finding items that needed to be used way back at the first scene. In order to keep everything straight, you have to remember what you’ve seen.

In most rooms, you will be able to easily identify an important object. However, accessing it, triggering it, or fixing it may take a long time. For example, there may be a lever that is missing from a locked box. To get inside the box, you might need to first find something to fix it and then find the key before you can get inside.

Because there is so much to revisit, the game includes a helpful map that shows you where you’ve been, where there are active objectives, and where you have not yet ventured. If you pick up a pair of pliers and can’t remember what to use them on, the map will show you the objective related to it. If you tap on the arrow in the left corner, you can go directly to the objective spot. In fact, you can go directly to any location on the map by tapping it, then tapping the arrow that appears in the left corner.

There are also hints available that will help redirect you to the next clue. You can use the hint feature immediately to help you find the next area, but if you use the hint to help you figure out the next action, it will take a few minutes to regenerate.

The puzzles that you come across, usually to unlock something, are called mini games. They usually require you to flip switches in certain order, move things to their proper place, or put together torn pictures. If you get stuck, you can skip any mini game after a few minutes.

This point-and-click mystery game is well designed. There are plenty of clues to find and secrets to reveal. You will be drawn deeper and deeper into the story as you find new items to add to your inventory. It is free to download, but costs $6.99 to unlock the full game. Try it out. If you like games in this genre, you will probably end up buying the rest of it.

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