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Baby Naming Apps

Choosing a baby name can be tough. Your child will be forever affected by the name you choose for him or her. There are certainly apps for that and we compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Baby Names‼

by Sevenlogics, Inc.

Baby Names is one of two essential baby naming apps. This free tool lets you see naming trends, such as when a certain name was most popular. For each name, Baby Names will give its meaning, pronunciation, origin, and whether it is a male or female name. The database has a little over 30,000 name with the ability to save and rate your favorites. This is a great app with pleasing aesthetics, and best of all, it is free.

Baby Names™

by Schatzisoft

The second of the two essential apps also goes by the name of Baby Names. This app is also easy on the eyes and contains over 60,000 boy and girl names. Search and browse the names by meaning, popularity, origin, or gender. You can also view popularity rankings and even create your own list of favorites. This is a great app that is offered at the price of free.

Notable Apps

Baby Names and Meanings - Popular Name for Boys & Girls from Mobile Mom

by Tsavo

Baby Names and Meanings from Mobile Mom is another naming app with a beautiful UI. The app includes over 10,000 names that range from traditional to modern, but the lack of details for each name keeps it from being an essential app.

Baby Names by Winkpass

by Winkpass Creations, Inc.

If you're a fan of the female apps iPregnant and iPeriod then chances are you'll fall in love with Baby Names by Winkpass. This app is from the same creators and sports the same pink interface. You are able to learn the meanings of more than 25,000 names and even add existing and new names to your Favorites list. If you ever wondered what the top names in the United States were for the last 100 years, give this app a try. It may not offer extensive details on each name like the essential apps do, but for free, it is worth a try.

Baby Names+

by Schatzisoft

Baby Names+ seems to be the same app as Baby Names by Schatzisoft in the essentials category. The only difference found is that this app is not universal, whereas the essential app is.

Decent Apps

Name That Baby!

by DoubleTapApps

Name That Baby is priced too high. The app is not terrible, but simply not worth $3.99. The interface and functionality are okay. The thousands of baby names included have both origin and meaning. It is a decent app, but not worth the price.

Baby Names - The full list

by Gp Imp.

Baby Names - the full list includes a database of over 40,000 names. You are able to filter by gender, origin, and search for similar names. The interface is pretty barebones and navigating the list can be painful. It is an okay option, but you get better options with other apps that are free.

5000 Baby Boys Names


If you're expecting a boy and want to spend your time looking exclusively through male names then pick this app up. The universal app includes over 5,000 boy names. Each name has info on the pronunciation, origin, meaning, historical facts, variants, names that sound like it, similar names, and popularity.

5000 Baby Girls Names


This is essentially the girl version of the above app with all of the same features included. Those expecting a girl may want to give this app a try.

Namer - The Origin of Names

by Jorge O'Neill

Namer is a very different app from the rest. The app prides itself on sensible and meaningful descriptions. It doesn't offer as much info as the rest of the apps, isn't much of a delight to look at, and doesn't contain nearly as many names in its database as the rest. Perhaps with some time the database will continue to grow and possibly be a notable app.

Other Apps
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