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iPad Joke Apps

Need a little pick me up? Something to tell everyone around the water cooler and/or organic fruit juice dispenser tomorrow at the office? These apps are your best bets for a good, quick laugh.

Essential Apps

iJoke iPad Edition

by Down-Shift Inc.

Your best bet for laughs on the iPad that does not involve videos of skate boarding dogs or shots to the groin is found in iJoke. Aside from the usual features such as joke categories (10 to be exact), top rated lists, most popular lists etc., this free app distances itself from the competition by having more of a community feel. Users can sign in either through the developer or through their Facebook account and comment on jokes, vote on jokes, or post their own jokes. Users can also search for jokes from particular users, or view their favorites and friends. At times, the comments about a joke are just as funny as the actual joke itself. This "user created" joke list ensures that the app will theoretically always have new jokes being added as more and more users post. Users are also able to share jokes with friends outside the app through either Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Notable Apps


by Cramzy

With 49 categories of jokes and the large number of them pointed out in its title, this app is one of the more robust jokes apps available on the iPad. 18,000 Cool Jokes (which also has a free version) has a very clean and easy to use interface that allows you to vote on jokes, share jokes via Facebook, Twitter, and Email and look at the Top Jokes of the day and week. There are also options to view random jokes, your favorites, and to turn off dirty jokes, and select the length of jokes you want to view (short/medium/long).

Al's Comedy Club

by The Binary Mill

Created by Al Lowe, who developed the long running Leisure Suit Larry series of games, Al's Comedy Club is one of the more ambitious of the joke apps available on the iPad in that it attempts to somewhat recreate the feel of a live comedy club. Instead of just text, each joke also has audio of the delivery including any effects or voices that the speaker may have used during their reading of the joke as well as some ambient crowd noise. The app also has some of the standard features such as user favorites, the ability to share jokes via email and the ability to search for jokes by keywords. The major downside to the app is that there are only a limited number of free jokes included. Once you have gone through them all you need to use "Comedy Coins" to purchase more jokes. Comedy Coins can be earned through installing other apps or they can be purchased in app.


by 3ight LLC

With tens of thousands of jokes (and more being added by users like you) in 24 joke categories, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy. The "favoriting" feature seems to work rather spottily, but for sheer volume of jokes, this one's worth your while.

Decent Apps

Best Rodney Dangerfield Jokes

by Michael Quach

Best Rodney Dangerfield Jokes is a very simple, free app that is full of great Rodney Dangerfield jokes or at least Rodney-esque jokes. It does not contain any sharing or favorite capabilities and it simply picks up where you last left off when you open the app the next time, but it's free and the jokes are great if you are in a Rodney mood.

Kids Jokes HD

by 40 Foot Robot

While it doesn't score high in the features department with no Facebook or Twitter sharing, no favorites, and only two categories (animal jokes and knock-knock jokes), Kids Jokes HD is in my Decent category due to it being a good, clean alternative for those with kids. While most of the other apps have the ability to turn adult/dirty jokes on or off, kids aren't stupid and can easily turn the jokes back on as soon as Mom isn't looking whereas this app only contains kid safe jokes.

iLaugh – Cool Jokes & more

by Azure Talon

While it contains many of the key features available in higher ranked apps and has a really nice, clean interface, the one problem with iLaugh is that unless you are easily amused to an extreme (which you very well may be) you simply won't laugh. The jokes are really, really bad. I wanted to rank it higher because I really like the interface of the app itself and it has some unique features (such as a sliding "show the top __% percentage of jokes" scale) but it really needs better jokes.

World's Best Jokes!

by Sutro Media

This one doesn't contain thousands and thousands of jokes like some of the others here, but it does have an interesting blend of jokes and other bits of entertainment. With trivia, life tips, YouTube clips, games, limericks, optical illusions, and more, you're sure to get something out of this universal app.

Other Apps