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GPS Navigation Apps For the iPad 3G

GPS navigation apps have been a wonderful way to navigate using an iPhone. Currently the iPad 3G is the only model of the iPad to have a GPS chip. The GPS chip inside the 3G iPad is simply fantastic. The tracking on the chip is very fast and accurate. This guide will help you choose the best iPad native GPS navigation app for you.

Essential Apps

TomTom U.S.A.

by TomTom

TomTom is one of the most trusted navigators out there. With accurate and reliable directions, this universal app lives up to its name on the big screen. TomTom also contains free map updates, directions through traffic, multi-stop routes and places search. Overall, this app is probably the best navigator on the iPad. While it's a bit pricey, you can't deny that the TomTom brand is probably the best in its class. If you're outside the U.S.A., check below for links to TomTom's other options.

CoPilot Live HD North America

by ALK Technologies, Ltd.

CoPilot HD is one of the top apps to have for navigating on your iPad 3G. The app features a split screen view. The left half displays a map while the right displays your directions. The interface is very simple to navigate. One great feature of CoPilot that is not found in every navigation app is the ability to plan out a trip. The app lets you build out a trip. The trip can also have unwritten stops. The stops can be setup to automatically give you a pit stop every 4 to 12 hours. Stops can be added based upon address, saved locations, points of interest, GPS location, contact, pick on map, intersection, or coordinates. The app also integrates with tons of live services. These include local search, ActiveTraffic, Live Link, weather, and fuel prices. The app also features a built in music player. The music player interfaces with your iPod library and allows you to pick out any album, song or podcast right within the app. The app also features quick stop to make a quick gas, restaurant, hotel or repair stop. The app also features 3D, 2D, Driver Safety, Itinerary, 2D Next Turn, 2D Destination, Day Map and Night Map driving views. Another benefit of this app is the maps can be quickly updated. The updated maps will not replace the initial download, but a smaller and quicker download is pushed out right within the app. Another thing to mention is your iPad can have no network connection and still do a great job with giving you directions with this app.

Notable Apps

MotionX GPS Drive HD

by MotionX™

MotionX has created a wonderful navigation app for the iPad. The app itself is very cheap. The only extra cost is if you want voice navigation. Currently the cost is $20 per year or $3 a month for that feature. The app is perfect for those that travel in areas with great 3G coverage. The app does not download all of the maps to your iPad like some other GPS navigation apps. Instead it will on the fly download what it needs and cache maps. If you know you will be in a bad coverage area the app will cache your entire route for you. To enable this feature simply hit simulate route before you leave. The app can store up to 2GB of data in this stored cache area. The interface for this app is simply great. The maps appear on the left. The right side of the screen is split in two. The top half has the next action needed such as a turn. The bottom half contains a list of all the directions for the trip. Navigating through the interface is very simple. The menu area of the app contains search, navigation, compass, stop/start nav, go to, list, position, and settings. The app is simply packed with features that no other navigation app has. The voice used for navigation sounds very realistic. The app allows you to avoid highways, tolls, and can use live traffic data to reroute you to a quicker route. The app also features a built in iPod app. This allows you to change your song without ever leaving the app! The MotionX GPS Drive HD would have been the essential app if it stored all maps offline. The requirement of a Wi-Fi or data connection is a real limitation. It is certainly a great app to have, but not the best in all situations.

Sygic US: GPS Navigation

by Sygic a. s.

Sygic US is a iOS 5 ready app with 3D TomTom based apps, iCloud support and places search. Unfortunately, many including myself, have found the user interface a bit difficult to use. Aside from that though, Sygic US is a great, feature rich app that is well worth a try.


by Garmin Wuerzburg GmbH

Navigon is a great app that has most of the features of TomTom navigation. However, while it is supposed to update maps automatically, many users report having issues with that functionality, claiming that they receive no updates at all. If you can put up with that one issue for the time being, then Navigon is a great choice for you.

Decent Apps

Navigation By Telenav - Telenav GPS Plus

by Telenav, Inc.

Navigation is a basic app that lacks the bells and whistles that other apps here have. While not a bad choice for basic navigating, you can get far more by choosing another app listed here.

Other Apps
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