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iPad Photo Filtering Apps

So by now everyone has come to accept that the iPad 2 takes pretty bad photos. What can you do about it? Applying filters and recreating those images as something else can turn those fuzzy photos into something beautiful. We compare the best photo filter apps for the iPad 2 in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

AutoPainter HD

by Mediachance

AutoPainter HD does the best job at turning terrible photos into something truly impressive. Rather than simply applying a filter, this app will use your photos as the base and guide for a virtual painting. You can choose from four different styles. These paintings are unique and beautiful. You are able to stop the painting process mid stream if you like where it has progressed to. This is the essential photo enhancement/filter app for the iPad 2.


by 3DTOPO Inc.

PhotoFilter is a powerful photo filtering app for iOS. This universal app gives you complete control over the filtering process. We would love to see a more iPad-friendly interface in the future. If you are searching for a true filtering app, this is your best bet.

Notable Apps

HOPE Poster Photo Filter

by 3DTOPO Inc.

HOPE Poster Photo Filter provides a unique service. Select your photo, select the color design you want, add your message, and presto: a brand new inspirational poster from your own captures. This simplistic app produces amazing images that you could potentially print out and hang. This is a great companion to the essential apps.


by Project Eureka LLC

Want to add some awesomeness to your photos? Well, iAwesomizer is ready for the challenge. For $2.99 you get a pretty powerful multi-layer filtering app. This app can help you transform your seemingly terrible iPad 2 photo into something truly special. An awesome app at an okay price.


by Voxeloid Kft.

InfiniFX is a pretty good app. What makes this app stand out is its ability to not only filter photos, but videos too. There are numerous filters included. You can even create your own filter from within the app. InfiniFX is a great app for both photo and video filtering.

Decent Apps

PhotoPad by ZAGG

by ZAGG Inc.

PhotoPad by ZAGG includes more than a simple filtering feature. You can also rotate your image, resize your image, draw, sketch, paint, crop, and posterize. You can also adjust the color, contrast, tint, chromaticity, saturation, and remove red eye. The app works well and is absolutely free.

Picture Effect Magic HD


Picture Effect Magic HD is an okay free app to beef up your pictures. We had a few crashing issues that should be fixed in the next update. The benefit of this app is the numerous filters. Each filter also has a ton of fine adjustments. This is a nice app, but nothing too special.

Other Apps
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