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Music Theory Apps For The iPhone

The iPhone is a fantastic tool to help you learn music theory. The App Store has several high quality apps available to do just that. We have gone through the best of the best. Take a look at them in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps


by All Forces

Nota offers the same information and value in both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. The iPhone interface is a thing of beauty. The developers have made learning music fun. A piano is included as a learning tool in the app. Topics include chords, scales, circle of fifths, note relationships, time signatures, codas, and much more. More than 100 different topics are included in this app. Quizzing for both pros and beginners is also included. Nota is by far the most elegant and advanced music theory app available.

Notable Apps

Karajan® - Music & Ear Trainer

by appsolute GmbH

Karajan Music and Ear Trainer is a great app. Price is the only barrier here. For $14.99, the app is overpriced. The essential app, Nota, offers a better bang for the buck and includes some features not found in this more expensive alternative. Karajan does offer a free app for beginners. The paid app includes training on intervals, chords, scales, pitch, and tempo. We would have loved to see even more training modules included for the price. We love the app, but the price simply is too high. Karajan Music and Ear Trainer is a great alternative to Nota for those that can afford it.

Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos

by SpartanApps

Musicopoulos: Music Theory and Practice is a great app because of its ever expanding lesson library. Learning music is at the forefront of this app. Each new update introduces more and more lessons. Six lessons have been added since its original release. We are impressed that this developer continues to update the app with new content. The most recent update was just a few days ago. The lessons started out as great tools for beginners, but as the app develops we are seeing more and more advanced lessons. The app is only $1.99 making it an absolute steal. Musicopoulos is the best low cost option for learning music theory on the iPhone.

Music Theory Calculator

by William Wilson

Music Theory Calculator is a great reference app for music theory students. Audio is played back for any scale, chord, or interval you need. This quick access to what things sound like is simply incredible for a music major. Music Theory Calculator is a great companion to Nota and something we would recommend picking up.

Music Theory Pro

by Joel Clifft

Music Theory Pro is an app that quizzes you to help you learn about the basics of music theory. Users of the app get to learn about note names, key signatures, intervals, chords, tempos, intervals, and scales. The interface makes learning fun. There are better apps available, but for $0.99 you can’t go wrong!

Decent Apps

Grade 1 Music Theory

by Zuztertu Ltd

Grade 1 Music Theory is a flash card based app for the iPhone. The potential of this app is great, but right now content is killing it. There are simply not enough flash cards. We would love to see them convert this from a Grade 1 app to an app that includes more difficulties and some more advanced topics. We want to love this app, but right now it is just not useful enough. The app is only for absolute beginners.

Other Apps
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