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Apps for soccer coaches

As a coach, your clipboard is usually a mess of plays, lineups, attendance, and more. Now with your iDevice and the apps in this AppGuide, you can do all your coaching from your favorite tablet.

Essential Apps

Soccer Dad

by idadapps LLC

Most Soccer coaches use clipboards to position players and draw out plays. However, since you have an iPad, these same tasks and more can be carried out using Soccer Dad. Designed to be a do it all app, it may be the only app you'll need to start coaching with your iPad.

Soccer Coaching Drills

by Eric Vogel

Soccer Coaching Drills is a great resource for, like the name says, soccer drills. This app includes everything you'll need to master the sport of soccer such as passing, attacking, defending, dribbling, and controlling the ball. Each section contains several drills that help strengthen that specific soccer skill, but that's not where it ends. Each drill is then broken down into detailed instruction accompanied with a video so you can see an example of that drill in motion. Please note, only a select few drills are unlocked. To gain access to everything, you'd need to unlock them within the app for $24.99. Yes, it is pricey, but the knowledge is definitely worth it.

Notable Apps

Coach it Soccer

by GranitePort

Coach it Soccer is another good choice for helping soccer coaches plan for their games. Although it is not as feature rich as Soccer Dad, it still provides functionality for schedules, lineups and attendance. It's a great app if you are just looking for the basics to help coach your team.

Coach Tactical Board for Football (Soccer)


Coach Tactical Board for Football (Soccer) is a quick and handy tool for the coach that doesn't have a whiteboard on them. The app is preloaded with nearly 30 tactics, making plays easier to run. It also allows for board customization, editing your players, and even contains a save/load game boards feature. This is definitely the app for you if all you need is a digital whiteboard.

CoachNote Soccer & Futsal : Sports Coach’s Interactive Whiteboard

by EXLUNCH Co.,Ltd

CoachNote Soccer & Futsal is another interactive whiteboard app made for soccer. This app is a bit more advanced of a whiteboard than the others mentioned in this category, but may be difficult to maneuver for the casual coach. If you are a more dedicated coach (professional or perhaps coach to older children), then this may be the app for you. Features that stand out in this app are the ability to create and share videos of plays complete with your voice narrating, the ability to display your plays on a projector with accessories, and being able to convert your notes into PDF files that you can send to your players. There are more features also, making this a great app for coaches that are dedicated.

Decent Apps

Soccer coach's clipboard

by Coachbase Limited

Soccer Coach's Clipboard is a sync ready app that works between your Mac, iPad and iPhone. While a bit confusing to navigate, this app allows you to be in complete control of your plays. Unfortunately, Soccer Coach's Clipboard lacks the functionality of some of the other apps, making it a mediocre choice at best.

Soccer Coach Pro

by Graphate LLC

Soccer Coach Pro contains the basic functionality of play planning that the other apps here have. It is fairly easy to use, but it does not match up feature-wise to its competition.

Other Apps