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Video Filter Apps

Photo filters have been on the iPhone for some time now. We are just now beginning to see some video filter apps. There are a few and we compare them in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

CinemaFX for Video

by Nexvio Inc.

CinemaFX for Video is the essential video filter app for the iPhone. The developers have created several video apps for the iPhone. These include ReelDirector, 8mm Vintage Camera, Slowmo, and they continue to push the boundaries in iPhone filmography. This app includes 55 different filters. You can even combine up to three effects into a single video shot. You have a lot of control in this app and can really make your videos look truly special. You get to control how much of a filter there is to each video. The app works great even on the 3GS. CinemaFX is the essential video filter app for the iPhone.

Notable Apps

Videocam illusion

by Ignacio Vina

Videocam illusion does not do post processing work, but rather applies live effects to videos recorded within the app. There are tons of different effects and filters. You can even combine effects to create something truly special. A great app that allows you to capture some cool shots with your iPhone.


by Voxeloid Kft.

InfiniFX not only does videos, but photos too! This app includes 21 effects that can all be adjusted to perfection. You can preview any frame of the video to make sure you have chosen correctly. The app is universal, so it will run great on both your iPhone and your iPad.

Video Splash

by Voxeloid Kft.

Video Splash takes the concept of Color Splash and applies it to video. Simply choose where you want color and the rest of the video will be made black and white. The app has its flaws, but for $0.99 it is worth checking out.

Cartoonatic Christmas

by MacPhun LLC

This app is a ton of fun. Apply excellent cartoon effects live as you film. There are a variety of fun and different effects. For an in-app upgrade, you can take still photos as well. Cartoonatic is a free app, definitely worth adding to your video arsenal.

Decent Apps

PopArt VidCam

by MacPhun LLC

PopArt VidCam is a less full-featured version of Videocam illusion. There are 10 effects that you can shoot in real time. The app is easy enough to use. We would recommend going with the more full-featured Videocam illusion if you are looking to do this kind of work.

Other Apps
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