Wine Cellar Management On The iPad


The iPad can be an amazing tool for keeping track of your wine collection. There are several apps that can help you know what is in your wine cellar and even provide you some nice stats about your wine. This AppGuide will help you select the app that best fits your needs.

Essential Apps

  • $9.99

    Bento for iPad

    by FileMaker, Inc.

    There are several apps created for managing your wine collection. The best app we have found for this, however, is Bento. Bento is an open-ended database app for iOS and the Mac. The app has some built-in templates that you could use for building your wine collection. Mac users can also download the free wine cellar template from the Bento Template Exchange system. Once you sync over the template from Bento on the Mac you will be able to track an unlimited number of wines, store vineyard/vintage/varietal names, include pictures, record purchase price, purchase details, enter date-stamping tasting notes, rate wines, wine cellar location, iTunes style searching, and add any custom fields you want. If you don’t have a Mac you could also build a similar database template from the blank template right on the iPad. The app has a great interface and is a joy to use. If you are in need of a wine management app, then Bento is the essential app.

Notable Apps

  • $3.99

    Your Wines HD!

    by Sebastian Burrieza

    Wines HD is your best alternative to Bento for managing wine on your iPad. The app has by far the best user interface of any wine specialty app. The app runs more as a wine journal than a database app. If you are in need of a more traditional database, then this is not the app for you. The app also includes a wine tasting journal, cellar tracking, to-do, guides, and a glossary. The app is great if you are looking for more than a simple database app. The app is fun to work in and a great alternative to Bento.

  • $1.99

    Cadent wineCellar

    by Cadent Computing Inc.

    Cadent WineCellar is another credible option for managing wine. The app runs on all of your iOS devices and a Mac/Windows version is available. The iPhone version of the app is leaps and bounds ahead of the iPad version. The app includes cataloging information for name, winery, country, region, application, cellar, quantity, purchase date, bottle value, score, status, wine style, varietal, vintage, drink after date, drink before date, pictures, comments, and sync status. The app comes with the ability to sync 200 of your bottles to their online solution, which allows for easy syncing between devices. If you purchase the desktop software that limit is raised to 500 bottles. The main problem with the app is interface. The app is simply not good looking. The app looks more like a bunch of easy to create text forms. These forms could be created using the app TapForms just as easily. The other problem is the low number of bottles you can sync to the cloud. There should be an option to get unlimited bottles on the cloud for backup and device synchronization. If you are looking for an okay solution, then this is it. Bento is still a better and more efficient app for wine management.

  • $1.99 - Wine Reviews, Scanner, Cellar Management, Journal & Database

    by Applied Ambiguities, LLC Wine Info provides some nice features. The app is plagued with one huge flaw … there is no way to manually add wines. The only way to add wines to your collection is by searching their database. This can be extremely irritating. The app will run on both your iPhone and iPad. The nice thing about the app is it includes close to two million reviews on close to a million different bottles of wine. The app can compare wines, and help you keep track of your ratings, notes and wish lists. The app also includes cellar management, pricing info, and reference definitions/articles. The app has a decent interface. The app has great potential, but in its current form is flawed.

Decent Apps

  • $1.99

    My Wine LogPad

    by GoldStar App

    My Wine LogPad is an app designed to track your wine. The app can keep track of the wine name, year, type, place, rating, ownership status, flavor, and additional comments. The app is at version 2.0, but it still feels like a beta app. The interface is kludgy, the app is ugly, and we would not recommend storing data in this app. The app may one day be a great app, but today it is something to avoid.

  • $14.99

    Wine Cellar HD

    by Simon Guertin

    Wine Cellar HD is an app that has some promise, but is still limited. The app limits you to 1500 bottles of wine, which may be problem going forward long term. The app does come with a companion Mac and Windows app for managing your cellar. The app can also import and export using the CSV file format. The app also includes a favorite list and can adapt to your needs. The app has a decent interface, but nothing too stellar. The cost of the app may be the main drawback. The app currently runs $15.99 and which way too expensive for what it does. We would recommend picking up Bento for $4.99 instead.

Other Apps