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YouTube Upload Apps

YouTube has become a wildly successful site for sharing videos. iOS comes with a pretty basic way to share one video at a time through the Photos app. However, there are times when you want to upload a ton of videos from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. This AppGuide will help you find the best one out there.

Essential Apps


by Eye-Fi

EyeFi is oddly the essential app in this category. The app will access your camera roll for both photos and videos. The app allows you to login to your YouTube account and upload as many videos as you want. EyeFi also lets you batch tag and describe the videos. The app does not let you name the videos, so this is something you would have to do after the fact. The app is the only one that can batch upload videos to include the same tag and description. That feature is killer for those doing tons of interviews at a show like Macworld. We were very surprised no other app had this very basic functionality. The app can share photos as well and provides a way to sync all of your media to your computer. The app does require you to have an EyeFi account. There may be a way to get one without the EyeFi card. The app is easily worth the $50 or so it would cost to buy the card, just to use for this app. The app is by far the best YouTube uploader for iOS.

Notable Apps

Pixelpipe - Post & Upload to the Social Web

by Pixelpipe

PixelPipe is an alternative to EyeFi. Quite honestly no other app even competes with EyeFi, but PixelPipe does let you share videos with a variety of sources including YouTube. The app is prone to crashing if you have a large video library. We were unable to load a library of more than 75 videos in our testing. The interface is okay, but not great. The app also imposes some limits on the upload size which are even more restrictive than YouTube. The app does let you select multiple videos to queue up, which is a nice feature not found in many of the apps. We did not find a way to change the title, tags, or description of the videos. If EyeFi simply doesn’t work for you this is an option.


by ShoZu, Inc.

ShoZu is a very expensive alternative to PixelPipe. The app offers similar functionality of uploading content to a variety of websites. The app does offer the ability to add titles, tags, and descriptions. The video uploading is not done in the batch style that is found in the EyeFi app or the PixelPipe app. That limitation may be a deal breaker for many. The app is an okay alternative, but we would recommend sticking with the EyeFi app.

Decent Apps

Camera Plus Pro

by Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Camera Pro Plus is the best video recorder for iOS. The app is included in this AppGuide because it does upload videos to YouTube. The app offers a one stop shop for shooting videos and pushing them out to YouTube. The app is for those that do not want a separate uploading app.


by Drakfyre's Software

720tube will run on any iOS device with a camera flash. The app will not run on the iPod touch because of that limitation. The app is very barebones. The app isn’t really in development anymore. The developer was kind enough to share some background on the app. He also shared that he will continue development once there are some more robust APIs available for custom video pickers. The app is a free option that is out there, but is wrapped around a pretty basic interface.


by Pure Digital Technologies

FlipShare was created by the same folks that make the Flip video cameras. The app lets you view your FlipShare videos and upload videos to YouTube. The video playback within the app is problematic. The app does a decent job at uploading video. The other great thing about the app is that it runs natively on the iPad. The app is pretty barebones, but offers some great functionality. The other problem and why it cannot be recommended is we could not find a way to create a FlipShare account. The app seems to work only if you own a Flip video camera.

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