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Apps For Christians

Are you a Christian looking for some apps to help you stay focused on the right things? What apps are out there? There are all kinds of apps everything from Bibles, to devotionals, prayer-focused apps, music apps, and many more. We walk you through our favorites in this AppList. We tried to keep this one as non-denominational as possible. DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this article belong to the writer alone. We at AppAdvice do NOT in any way endorse any specific religion or religious beliefs.

Children's Bible – Stories, comic books & movies for your kids & teenagers

by Barcelona Multimedia

If you are a parent, this is a Bible app you’ll want to install. The Children’s Bible includes many images and makes the text approachable to those of a younger age. A great one to have handy for any parent.



The app simply called “Bible” is a fantastic free Bible app. You’ll have access to most of the popular translations and have them available for offline reading. The Bible is the cornerstone of any believer’s life. But, if this app doesn’t do it for you, there are literally hundreds of other options.


by Logos Bible Software

One of those other apps is the Logos app. This Bible app includes tools for studying the Bible and is empowered by the Logos library. You can think of this app as the iBooks for those studying the Bible. Logos for many people is a part of their daily Bible study time.

408 Modern Bible Maps and Descriptions

by Ian Vink

Big Bible Maps is a great complement to your Bible. If you are reading a certain passage and are unsure where that location is, then this app will help you find it.

Vyrso: Christian Ebooks

by Logos Bible Software

Besides reading the Bible, you may want to do some pleasure reading. The Vyrso app connects with the Logos library. While the Logos app is designed for Bible study, this one is designed for reading more typical books. The content is great and every now and then they give away free books. If you’re looking for an iBooks alternative for your Christian-themed books, this is the one to get.

The Shack (by William P. Young)

by Folium Partners, LLC

The Shack is a phenomenal book. You can purchase it from the iBook store or buy the app. The iBooks route would be cheaper and might be a better option for some people. However you get this book, we’d recommend picking it up. It will help you wherever you are in your Christian walk.

Daily Devotion

by Woodfield Labs, LLC

Daily Devotion, as you can tell from the title, includes a daily devotional. Some of these are quick and some are a bit longer. Having devotionals in an app make it quick and easy to wake up in the morning and begin with a devotional. Make this app a part of your routine. You won’t regret it.

Prayer Warriors - Armor of God

by Beachmaker Software

After reading your Bible, devotionals, and doing some pleasure reading you may want to do some praying. Prayer Warrior is an app aimed to help you become as effective at prayer as you can be. If you have a need, you can also send prayer requests through the app to others to pray for you. Get on the right prayer life with this app.


by MoonBeam Development

Prayer is a kind of a prayer organizer app. It will assist you as you learn how to pray with power through the Prayer Warrior app. It includes your prayer list, my prayers, common prayers, inspirational quotes, a prayer wall, and the ability to request a prayer. Prayer is a nice addition to your arsenal of prayer apps.

Pray God's Will - In 365 Days

by Jim Coates Computer Programming

Pray God’s Will - in 365 Days is a daily prayer app. Its aim is to help you pray the will of God. Included is a different prayer for each day. This is another wonderful addition to the prayer apps you already have.

K-LOVE Positive & Encouraging

by Jacobs Media

After praying and reading, you may be ready to drive to work or elsewhere. What are you going to be listening to on your drive? What about KLove? KLove is a radio station that plays Christian music. The app is well-built and it's a worthy addition to your iPhone.

Christian Radio FM

by Velestar Private Enterprise

If you want more than KLove, give the Christian Radio FM app a try. It grants you access to most of the popular Christian radio stations. You can even record songs that play through the app. Whatever app you choose, you’ll be happy with the great selection of songs.

Christian Calendar

by August Hesse

Keep the important dates in mind with the Christian Calendar app. We did find some denominational dates in here that may not pertain to most Christians, but overall there are some important dates that this app will help you remember.

Accountable - Accountability Partner App For Christians

by Bowers Technologies, Inc.

Most people need some accountability. Thankfully there is a free iPhone app for that! It allows you to set a list of things you need to keep yourself accountable for. When you log your day, it will email your entries to an accountability partner. A great app that many would benefit from.

Christian Forums

by End of Time Studios, LLC

Want to discuss the Bible and other Christianity-focused topics? Well the Christian Forums app can help you connect with a huge online community of Christians from around the world. Best of all, it's free, and it will run on both your iPad and your iPhone.

Clean Jokes

by Roger Bieberich

Last but not least, everyone loves a laugh. Clean Jokes will provide you with tons of jokes that are appropriate for anyone. Most of the jokes are funny and are great ones to learn. After telling some jokes, you can turn off your iPhone and enjoy a quiet evening at home.