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Apps For Mother's Day

Every mother is a unique and amazing woman. Moms everywhere deserve to know just how much they are appreciated. This Mother’s Day, let her know how much she means to you by using your iDevice to design her a personalized card or to find that perfect gift for her. You may want to spend some extra bonding time with your mother by playing games together on your iPhone or iPad. If you are the mom, why not get a little bit of time to yourself while checking out some great new apps? Whether you are the mom or you’re honoring your mother, there is a little something for both in our Mother’s Day AppList.

CleverCards: Photo Personalized Birthday & Greeting Cards

by Cleverbug Birthday & Greeting Cards

This Mother's Day, show your mom how much she means to you by creating a personalized greeting card. CleverCards is a universal app that lets you craft a one of a kind card. The option to add photos and a message that will express how you feel about your mother makes this app an outstanding choice. Once you're done making the greeting card, you can send it to your mom free of charge as an eCard via Facebook or email. You can also upgrade for the ability to add things like video or audio messages, plus send your cards through other messaging apps. If you prefer, this app will also deliver a paper card via snail mail.


by Lightricks Ltd.

Most moms love to take tons of pictures, and those pictures need to look just right. Enlight is a powerful photo editor that is perfect for her love of photography (and priceless memories). This iPhone app would make a great gift for your mother, which she can use to bring out the best in her photos. Whether she's a newbie or a seasoned photographer, mom will surely enjoy using Enlight year round. Features include black and white photography, image perfection, assorted filters, varied artistic effects, cropping, and much more.

ScrapPad - Mothers Day Photo Journal

by Album tArt LLC

ScrapPad - Mothers Day Photo Journal is a beautiful iPad app that will honor your mother in a very personal manner. This app is easy and fun to use. Choose the layout that you'd like by using simple gestures and add the photos of your choice, perhaps photos that were edited using Enlight. Once everything is to your liking, present your mom with her ScrapPad through Facebook or email. If you would like to go the extra mile, you can use the Print Store to order professionally printed scrapbooks.

iReading - Origin of Mother's Day

by Dam Chen

Perhaps you are the mom. Explain how Mother's Day began to your child or children with iReading - Origin of Mother's Day. This iPhone app comes in the form of an audio book, making it both enjoyable and memorable to spend time learning how we came to celebrate this holiday. The app has other good features such as a painting workshop, puzzle games, and more to entertain your child or children while learning at the same time.

Slow Message

by Social Print Studio

Now that you know how Mother's Day came about, you will appreciate her more than ever. Slow Message is an iPhone app that will work on all iDevices. Write your mom emails, and this app will send them to her all throughout the year, letting her know that she is invaluable to you every single day. Every mother will smile when she receives your prewritten emails.

Epic Zen Garden

by Epic Games, Inc.

Whether you are a mom needing to relax or you want to help relax your own mom, Epic Zen Garden is here to help. Mothers are very busy women, and often overworked. Using this universal app is just as refreshing and renewing as going to a spa. The stunning visuals and immersive experience include sakura trees with leaves that grow or fall with your touch and a koi pond whose fish will follow any trail that you draw through the water. Relieve daily stresses by visiting Epic Zen Garden on your iPhone or iPad. Any mother will appreciate the mental down time that this app provides.

Split Web Browser: Fast Multitasking and Full Screen Multiple Tab Browsing for iPhone and iPad

by Savy Soda

Moms know how to multitask well as they value their time. If you are a mother or have a mom who spends a lot of time on your/her iPhone or iPad, Split Web Browser is an ideal app to help moms get online tasks done quickly. This universal app lets you view up to nine screens at the same time. Having access to so many screens at once makes shopping, price comparisons, paying bills, and checking emails much faster. The app also supports full screen layout, and allows you to browse the web incognito. No matter what any mother needs to do online, this app is a gem that helps make it a faster and more efficient experience. Moms everywhere will appreciate any extra time that they can save.

Flower Garden Free - Grow Flowers and Send Bouquets

by Snappy Touch

What mom doesn't love flowers on Mother's Day? Flower Garden Free - Grow Flowers and Send Bouquets is a universal app that moms who enjoy the beauty of flowers will enjoy. No need to worry about finding that perfect bouquet at your local florist or paying a ridiculous amount for it, because you can grow your own e-flowers right on your iDevice. It is very relaxing to plant seeds and watch them grow into a gorgeous garden that includes peaceful sounds. No need to strain your back or get dirty in the process, which any mother would appreciate. There are even ladybugs that come out. You are also able to send bouquets that you have created via email.

Sesame Gifts - Mail Mother’s Day Gift Sets and Presents

by Sincerely Inc.

If you are still searching for a Mother's Day gift for your mom, look no further than Sesame Gifts. It is a universal app that will deliver gorgeous, hand prepared gift sets to your mother's door. These carefully boxed sets are put together with care and are sold in themes. For example: if you want your mom to have gifts that will help her relax, The Ultimate Unwind would be a good choice. Are you a husband or child whose mom is expecting? Expectant Mom Essentials will help her get ready for the big day. There are lots of terrific themed sets available, including special Mother's Day sets, starting as low as $10 USD. You can order and have them delivered to your mom right from your iPhone.

Word Chums Free

by PeopleFun, Inc.

Not all moms want cards, flowers, or gift sets. One of the best gifts that you can give most mothers is your time. Spend some down time with your mom by playing a turn-based game on your iPhone or iPad. My mom loves to exercise her brain by playing a word game, and Word Chums Free is an excellent choice. This universal app has customizable characters called "Chums" and is suitable for any age due to lack of offensive content. The letters light up once you make an justifiable word, making it stand out from the many others in the App Store. Kick up your feet and get chummy with your mom by challenging her to a one-on-one game. If you are the mom and need time to yourself, play against your online friends, random opponents, or the computer Chumbots. No matter how you choose to show your mom your appreciation, there is something on this list that is sure to show her just how much you do care on Mother's Day, and all year long.