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Apps For Pet Lovers

This list goes out to all the animal lovers in the world. In this AppList, you'll find pet-themed apps to help you be a better and more informed pet owner. You'll also find some games and entertainment apps geared to people who love pets.

MyPetED - Pet Health Center

by LifeLearn, Inc.

This universal app is a great tool for pet owners. Create a profile for your pet with all of its vital information, keep track of vet appointments and vaccinations, store your vet’s contact information, adopt a pet, find a vet, find a lost pet, and more. You also get articles about pets and pet health right in the app.

Pet First Aid: for Your Dog, Cat, Puppy, or Kitten

by Jive Media LLC

This feature-packed app is loaded with videos and illustrations to help you give your pet first aid. Learn how to deal with things like cuts and bruises, choking, and CPR. As if that isn't enough, Pet First Aid also lets you track all your medical information for all your pets and keep track of when vet appointments or vaccinations are due.

Pet Playpen


Adopt up to 3 virtual pets to play games with, feed, and take care of. The app shows you stats for each pet and has a virtual store with over 90 gifts and treats to buy your virtual pets!

Touch Pets Dogs

by ngmoco, Inc.

Adopt your very own virtual puppy and interact with it via touch-based controls. The game allows you to accessorize your puppy, feed it, play with it, and even send it on play dates with other puppies. Touch Pets Dogs utilizes ngmoco's Plus+network, so you can earn achievements and share your accomplishments with other owners. If you like this game, there are many more in this series available in the app store.

Dog Whistler - Your Free Dog Whistle

by Mobeezio, Inc.

Use your iPhone to train your dog! With this simple dog whistle app, you can set the whistle to a frequency your dog will best respond to.


by Space Lama

Petsnap helps you take the most memorable photos of your pets. Choose from 32 built-in sounds to attract your pet before the picture is taken. Then choose from 7 different frames to complete your picture and save to your camera roll.

iKibble Free

by Llamaface

This free ad-supported app is extremely useful if you like to give your dog “people food”. Or, if you don’t, and your dog eats people food anyway. Search the extensive database to find out which foods are okay for your dog to eat and which are not. Search by food or by health rating. You can even find recipes in this app for dishes you can share with your dog! If you’d rather pay for the app than have to see ads, there is a paid version of this app as well.

Rate My Puppy

by Pistol Shrimp Ltd.

This is sort of a social networking app for dog lovers. Upload your dog’s photo to see what others think of him or her. View, vote on, comment on, favorite, and save photos of adorable dogs from all over. Which are the cutest dogs of the week? The month? Of all time? Find out with Rate My Puppy.

Pet Names +

by Schatzisoft

Choose from over 3000 pet names in free app. Browse by pet type, name popularity, or alphabetically. You’re not even limited to cats and dogs - find the perfect name for your lizard, your spider, your ferret, and many more! Create a favorites list, email possible choices to friends and family to get their feedback. The app also includes a pet soundboard for making animal noises, just for fun.

Dog Translator (FREE!)

by Ronald Bell

Personally, I wouldn’t pay for a dog translator app, but if you want to try to learn Doggish (is that the language that dogs speak? Or is it Dogese? Or just Dog?) then you might as well grab this free one. Much like a Shazam for dog barks instead of music, you record your dog barking and the app “analyzes” the bark and gives you the English “translation”. Truly just for entertainment, this is a fun little app that you and your dog and your friends will get a kick out of.

AngryCat Free - The Angry Cat Simulator

by Nolasoft

Get an amusing selection of angry cat sounds with this free, ad-supported, universal app. Upgrade to the paid version if you don’t want the ads. Rarrrrrrr! Hissss!

Ask a Vet

by Vets LLC

This app allows to you ask questions of a real vet. It can take several days for a response. The first question is free and then you have to pay per question. You can buy question plans: one question for $8.95, five questions for $29.95, or ten questions for $49.95. It’s not cheap, but if you are between vets, or between vet visits, or really need a second opinion about your pet’s medical treatment, then it’s an option.


by Nestle Purina Petcare co

Find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and bars in your area. Locate local vets, dog parks, pet stores, animal shelters, pet sitters, kennels, groomers and more. The more users are in your area, the more useful this app will be, since users can add locations that are not already in the app. You can also view (and upload) pet photos, watch pet videos, and read pet articles.