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Apps for poets

Lovers of poetry and writing poems are in luck. The App Store has some amazing apps available that will inspire novice and seasoned poets alike. There are apps for reading poetry, writing poetry, and keeping track of your random notes or ideas. If you are interested in writing poetry, this is the AppList for you.

Poetry Daily

by Poetry Daily

Why not start each of your days by reading a new poem? Poetry Daily focusses on contemporary poetry, and delivers a new poem to your iPhone or iPad every day. Star your favorite poems, or share them via Facebook and Twitter. Poetry Daily is optimized for the iPhone.

POETRY from The Poetry Foundation

by The Poetry Foundation

POETRY from The Poetry Foundation is a wonderful resource. This universal app includes access to thousands of classic and contemporary poems for your iPad and your iPhone. What better way to get inspired by poetry than by reading it? Some of the poems are recorded as well, so if you would like, you are able to listen to the words of other poets.

American Poetry: 5000 poems and verses

by Aliaksei Baturski

American Poetry is another valuable, rich resource for reading poetry. There are over 5,000 fully searchable poems included in the universal app. These poems are from fifty of the greatest American poets. You can never have enough poetry or knowledge about it, and this app delivers what it promises to.


by Skol Games LLC

For further inspiration, I recommend Quotes". This app consists of twenty categories. Choose which category that will inspire you the most. You are then presented with styled quote photos, which can then be saved and used as wallpapers. Looking at these will help stir up emotions and get those creative juices flowing. Channel this creativity into your poetry. Quotes" is a universal app.

Verses notebook + rhyming dictionary | rhymebook | book of rhymes

by Derek Kepner

Most poets need a place to write down ideas and verses as they are visualized. it is easy to forget some of your best lines if you do not have one place to write down and keep track of them. Verses notebook + rhyming dictionary aims to solve that problem. This universal app provides a simple and inviting interface in which you may jot down otherwise forgotten lines and ideas. Its rhyme functionality will come in handy on days that you may get writers block. Enter a word to see different words that rhyme with it. Poets of all kinds will appreciate this app.

Poet's Pad™

by Paragoni, LLC

Now that you have gathered snippets of your thoughts and some good ideas for poems, you are ready to start writing. Poet’s Pad for iPhone is perfect for getting the job done. The app is designed specifically for poets. If you would like to record an audio version of your piece to go along with your poem, this app can do it. Also built in is a rhyming dictionary, a traditional dictionary, and a thesaurus. There are also tools to help you with writers block and tools to keep your organized. Bottom line: if you are a poet, this is the app to have to help you write and record poetry.

Writing Prompts

by 21x20 Media, Inc.

Now that you’ve got a fantastic writing app like Poet’s Pad, you may want an app to help you come up with things to write about. Writing Prompts offers 6,000 different prompts, along with a number of additional packs for sale within the app. If you ever run out of things to write about, then you’ll want to add this universal app to your poetry app collection.


by Artisan Engineering LLC

PortaPoet is to your iPhone what Poet’s Pad is to your iPad. This is a universal app, but it is outstanding on the iPhone. PortaPoet is a great place in which to write poetry on your iDevice, share poetry you have written with others via Facebook or Twitter, and much more. PortaPoet is your portable poetry workstation.


by Soulincode Inc.

Maybe you like to visualize your words. Poetics is a visual poetry app for your iPhone that is able to create moveable text with images. All you need to do is snap a picture, write your poem, then add the images that you desire. This gives you and your readers a more personal connection to who you are and what you have written. Share via email, printed postcards, Tumblr, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Instant Poetry HD

by Razeware LLC

After writing poetry in a more traditional manner with the above apps, you may want to test out some non-traditional methods. Instant Poetry HD lets you drag and drop words in any order to create a unique, yet somewhat restrictive poem. The end product is an artful looking poem that could be used as a poster. This universal app is great for both the novice and experienced poets.

Poetry Creator | Verses - Poetry, Poems & Poets

by Tiny Mobile Inc.

Poetry Creator is an alternative to Instant Poetry HD. This is a free, basic app with numerous in-app purchases to add more words. The interface is a pleasant to use on both the iPad and the iPhone. Newbies to poetry writing will love the simple drag and drop style of writing. If desired, you are able to post your poems straight to Facebook.

AudioNote - Notepad and Voice Recorder

by Luminant Software, Inc

AudioNote is a unique, helpful app for poets to have on their iPhone or iPad. You can type text and have an audio recording synced to your typing at the same time. Imagine sitting down and listening to poetry while marking your favorite spots by typing text. You can create alternate versions of your poems done in audio while going with a completely different final draft. This universal app has endless uses for the poet.

Instant Audio Recorder

by Wim de Nood

Need to record something quickly? Say you are out amongst friends at a poetry reading and you'd like to record it. Instant Audio Recorder is the best app for doing so. Upon launch, it will automatically start recording. The audio you've recorded can be shared through email or within iTunes. A good audio recorder is something that poets should have available, and this is one of the many excellent options in the App Store.

Glossary of Poetry Terminology

by Space-0

Finally, you may want to look up some of the more common poetry terms. Glossary of Poetry Terminology has a large amount of great terms pertinent to poets and those studying poetry. You may discover some unique techniques or types of poems, but overall this is an excellent app for students. Now that you have these poetry education and tools on your iPhone or iPad, you can make the most of your poetry writing experience!