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Apps For Saxophonists

There are some great apps for both beginner and professional saxophonists. These amazing apps will help you out with fingerings, keeping a good beat, staying up with the latest gear, and so much more. Check them all out in this AppList for saxophonists.

Fingering for iPad

by Patrick Q. Kelly

As a saxophonist a fingering chart is an essential reference tool for both yourself and helping others. Fingering for iPad is the one fingering app to rule them all! It includes over 1,100 fingerings for the woodwind instruments. Fingerings for iPad also includes brass fingerings. The app is great for saxophonists who need alternative fingerings. The great thing is that it includes both alternative fingerings and trill fingerings. Fingerings can also be used to help you learn other instruments. If you are looking for an instrument fingering app this is the one to get.

Saxonotes HD

by MonRoss L.L.C.

While Fingering for iPad is great for pretty much every saxophonist this app is great for the beginner. Saxonotes HD is a great app for beginners. It provides three things: a fingering chart, pitch sounds, and a staff paper representation of the notes. Saxonotes HD does not include any alternative fingerings, which in many cases would be very helpful. It is great for beginners because you can hear what the note you are attempting to play sounds like. Great for beginners, but not full-featured enough for pros.

The Saxophone

by Elliott Domagola

The Saxophone is another option for those looking for a fingering chart app. This app benefits from a couple of different things. The Saxophone includes many alternative fingerings, including altissimo fingerings for notes outside of the normal register. The Saxophone can run on both your iPhone and your iPad. Famous players are also showcased within the app itself. This is a great tool for beginners looking to find recordings to listen to. The Saxophone is an app that competes with Saxonotes HD and one that we can only recommend to beginners and those looking for altissimo fingerings.

Sonny Rollins App

by Arcadian Arts

Every saxophonist should know about some of the famous saxophonists. It is also important to listen to other saxophonists to understand what the saxophone should sound like. Sonny Rollings is a famous saxophonist. He now has his own iPhone app. The app is mainly used to promote his music. There are some things to love about the app. Opening the app plays a streaming collection of Sonny Rollings’ music. The selections are clips, but the clips are of substance and provide an enjoyable listening experience. The app also includes tons of photographs and a detailed biography. Those that want to keep up to date with what Sonny is doing can check out the news tab of the app. The app is free and a great resource for any saxophonist.



Every saxophonist needs reeds and mouthpieces. These allow you to actually play the instrument. Vandoren is the maker of some of the best saxophone reeds and mouthpieces. The iPhone app provides an enhanced catalogue experience. The Vandoren app includes all of the information on Vandoren’s products. It also includes many educational tools and resources, which even include some short videos. These include reed manufacturing, advice, reed strength comparisons, saxophone mouthpiece comparison chart, information about the flow pack and much more. The saxophone mouthpiece comparison chart not only compares Vandoren mouthpieces, but mouthpieces by Selmer, Meyer, Otto Link, Berg Larsen, and all of the other major manufacturers. The Vandoren app is pretty simple, but an awesome resource for any saxophonist.


by Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.

Every saxophonist needs a metronome. A metronome is useful for practicing scales, exercises and real music. Metronome: Tempo 2 is the app to get. The feature set completely replaces the need for a real metronome. Tempo 2 is advanced enough that you can actually set up a playlist and it will automatically change the tempo as you play. Also included are the 12 chromatic pitches for reference and much more. Those looking for a high end metronome should buy this iPhone app today.

Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner

by Bitcount ltd.

Right along with a metronome a tuner is another essential bit of gear. It is no fun playing out of tune. ClearTune is the only tuning app you will ever need. The interface is a joy to use. The features are powerful enough for pros and simple enough for beginners. ClearTune lets you adjust the temperament, transposition, and calibration Hz. A pitch pipe/tone generator is also included for those that like to tune in that manner. ClearTune is the one app to have for those in need of a tuner (which includes all musicians). Hopefully these apps help you become an even better saxophonist.