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Apps For Science Lovers

The iPad and iPhone are seen more and more in the classroom these days, but how about the laboratory? If you are a scientist, chemistry teacher, or a student just trying to get through microbiology you will find a must-have app in this AppList For Science Lovers. From calculating pH to exploring the periodic table, your iDevice will become a trusted companion for your next experiment.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

by Touch Press

You have never experience the periodic table of the elements until you have explored The Elements: A Visual Exploration for iPad and iPhone. The elements truly come to life with high resolution photos and interactive 360° animations. Along with extensive background detail for each element, the app also embeds real-time computational data from Wolfram|Alpha. This app is a joy to use and a great way to show off your shiny new iPad.



If your scientific endeavors rely heavily upon research and access to journal articles then Papers for iPhone and iPad is for you. With Papers you can access several online databases to search and download articles for your personal library. Papers includes access to PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, Arxiv, ACM, JSTOR and others. You can also import your own PDF files for annotation and note taking. The annotations don't save with your file if you export, but this feature is reportedly coming in the next update. If you own Papers for the Mac, then you can also sync your library of research between devices.

PLoS Reader

by Tom Brow

With the free PLoS Reader for iPad you have access to the Public Library of Science most recent journal articles about biology, medicine, genetics, pathogens, and more. The app provides little beyond reading. You can't annotate the files to include your own notes or highlights and you can't even copy and paste. However, for a free app you can receive a wealth of knowledge and access to the latest in scientific research.

SpaceTime for iPad

by Pomegranate Software

To say that SpaceTime is a mature graphing calculator for the iPad and iPhone would be an understatement. SpaceTime is a mobile mathematics powerhouse with functionality that rivals standalone graphing calculators. The interface is not particularly pretty or apple-like but SpaceTime makes up for that with shear mathematical ability. With 200 built-in functions and support for user generated functions, SpaceTime gives new meaning to scientific computing on the go.


by Akkyra Systems

If you find yourself involved in chemical or biological research you will find Buffers for iPhone or iPad an indispensable tool for your research. Buffers is a tool for calculating buffers for pH control. With 40 built-in buffering agents you can adjust volume, temperature, and concentration to reach the desired recipe. Once you have found your recipe you can share with others via email. It's an inexpensive app that fills a specific niche and does it well.

iLab: Timer

by Negative Ninth

When you need several timers for your experiments and the single timer on the iPhone won't suffice, iLab: Timer has you covered. With support for ten simultaneous timers, custom labels, and unique alarms, iLab: Timer is a handy and easy to use app for any science lab.

Science Glossary

by Visionlearning, Inc.

This Science Glossary is an index to the website. The app itself is underwhelming with few graphics and short definitions. However, when combined with links to the Vision Learning website, and other science-based sites, Science Glossary becomes much more useful. The glossary is definitely not complete and even lacks many basic scientific terms. The Vision Learning website is a viable resource for teachers with many teaching modules that could serve as textbook supplements or replacements. With a price tag of free it is hard not to recommend this app for teachers.


by Object Enterprises

If you are working with younger children and want to find demonstrations and experiments that will excite them then VideoScience should do the trick. Along with instructions and links for purchasing materials, short videos demonstrate the details needed to recreate fun and interesting experiments. With over 50 videos demonstrating a wide variety of activities, VideoScience is sure to provide inexpensive ideas for teachers and parents to spark their child's interest in science.


by Standard Nine Inc.

If you are an aspiring scientists you will need to grasp the concept of cell division. Mitosis for iPhone is a great study aid for biology students with video and audio explanations, microscopic photographs, and interactive quizzes. Best of all, it comes at a student price as well: free.

Mars Globe HD

by Midnight Martian

For the astronomer, Mars Globe HD for iPad provides an interactive exploration of the red planet with over 1500 items to peruse. From topography and spacecraft to terrain named after historical astronomers, Mars Globe includes a large database of information. A free iPhone app also can feed your appetite for Mars on the go.


by simpaddico llc

If you are a science lover and enjoy trivia then a few minutes a day with ScienceFacts will tickle your fancy. You can search for topics of interest or simply browse the index to find new facts. Favorites can be saved for later in a separate list so that you can impress your friends. With ScienceFacts for iPhone your science trivia obsession won't be left wanting.